Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Comment about elite use of migrant/ refugee crisis.

There are several ways the elite is using the migrant/ refugee crises IMO: A) If there is a stock market crash pushed by positive ET's and BRICS, it will make the whole thing more chaotic if there are Africans that know how to survive and haven't acclimated yet. B) War... Obviously. Funding of ISIS in order to get to Syrian pipeline and other regional goals including alienating Russian allies. C) Distraction: The Paedophile scandal has died down hasn't it! D) Further societal dysfunction including any hint of race wars and cultural differences. Especially tensions between Christians and Muslims. The unification of these monotheistic faiths is also part of their goal. E) Possibly aiding potential 'false flags' with ISIS fighters. The photo of Arlyn was obviously false for a lot of different reasons. Partly here http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/09/08/the-5-awkward-questions-they-wont-answer-about-the-drowned-boy-syria-and-our-moral-duty/ but also that there is a guy fishing in the background whom would not have ignored a photographer snapping pics of a small dead child for apparently quite a long time (with good quality cam etc.) Another thing that made an impression on me was pictures of Arlyn's hometown that are basically bombed to bits. Syria does not need more bombs. Also there is a news broadcast where Syrians are asked by reporters if Assad bombs them and they very strongly and spontaneously insist NO!

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