Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gold train.

That is the Nazi Gold train the poles are trying to find:

I had a dream where I had given real money to a beliggerent (and now disabled) Geminian family member who had exchanged it for monopoly money, and some of it he had not exchanged at all.

There had been two transactions and he had given me some of the £50's, £20's and £10's and none of the £5's. The second transaction he had not given me any of.

I had beaten him up for this but had my (punch pulled) by someone else taking over the job more effectively; 'Diana Troy', the empath from Star Trek the next generation. Who was getting the information out of him telepathically where my money is although he didn't want her to.

Corey's job as he described it with the cabal out of all the star trek characters is most similar to Diana Troy's. many, many of these symbols are multi faceted. I've been thinking how similar I am to the character 'Christian Troy' from Nip Tuck who, even though he had less ethics than me, fundamentally didn't fit in because he viewed the world differently from others. Also, Kimber emotionally reminds me of someone. Not a more accurate fictional character metaphor for that person.

(This is interesting, yesterday I was talking to someone who had spent time as a deep sea diver, digging up gold for the Russians, gold dropped from world war two, they found four tonnes.)

This symbology I think means that, like the gold train, now the energy we have put IN to certain things, will not be able to keep our energy (money) fraudulently and will be forced to return the wealth, in full.

Then tehre was Nigel Farage talking about how they are angry in Catalonia because they know the vote was rigged.

To me this says what I have been trying to work out and have been thinking. The cabal haven't done Englands vote rigging properly in relation to free will. September 11th was done properly, it is so incredibly obvious, as was 7/7, which is why they haven't gained much problems from that. But people were not 'duped' into accepting the vote in England effectively enough, you can't just say a few voting slips have been stolen that's not good enough. Which is why they are now getting problems in the UK for their troubles. 

The point of using the free will principle is to take peoples emotions along with the idea and in the negaive, make people definitively choose to be afraid. That they didn't do.

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