Sunday, 13 September 2015

Shemitah is today, next market week.

Earlier today I was thinking of... How this got into my mind I don't know, but I was thinking of one of the last episodes of the TV show 'Angel' where things are going to go down and they're going to go bad, people might not make it so have the day off. Do what you would do on your last day.

And people do, Angel goes to see his son (who later joins the fight with the words... 'Oh come on, you meet for tea and the worlds not ending?'), Spike does poetry, Wesley spends time with Allyriyah.

That could be me subconciously thinking it's all going to end soon since i have invested in this Shemitah idea. Regardless, the moment is here, for better or worse the day that has previously defined the 684 point drop and the 777 point drop, is upon us today and we will see if it has any effect tomorrow.

Shemitah is a Jewish cycle that on it's ending means the forgiveness of debts. I'm not Jewish so it doesn't effect me, and I don't really see things in emotional terms like that, there is that which is and that which is not for me and I'm happy with that way of thinking about things.

But 7 years of the Shemitah cycle is a very sacred number it doesn't matter where you go. David Wilcock on his facebook has just been talking about getting accurate prophetic things from 2001, 14 years ago, 2*7 year cycles. It is the number of the chakras and densities, it's the number of when relationships and marriages go sour. What I think it is is that the Jewish faith is the best thing to CONSCIOUSLY DO! But the cycle itself is to do with the solidification of karma. You should let for of things after 7 years and if you do not, and if you do not act on that, then that's when Karma will punish you for it, simply because that's a point when things start to manifest in the real world.

Oh, 7 years, 777 points. Just noticed that!

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