Tuesday, 22 September 2015


A summary of this dream is that it most certainly wasn't from my energy or anything that seriously even relates to me.

It was basically a complex and deliberate dream reminding me that A) The negative, even though a lot of people find it cartoonish, is real B) They are endlessly technically intelligent.

The dream took a kind of 'replicator'/ Stargate SG-1 imagery.

And that's what I believe. If people don't want to prep I only hope that they are not in my geolocational orbit. But the worst of the worst is being taken down and to consider that they are not determined and negative enough to throw a spanner in the works and upset your Western neoliberal delusions of safety (as perhaps the citizens of Greece and Syria once had) is highly, highly stupid. In a sense my thoughts on that behaviour (even though I obviously disagree with DW on this), my thoughts on that behaviour is that you have not escaped the nice warm confines of orange ray, not much further advanced than an overweight American that watches soap operas everyday and has never had a metaphysical thought in his life.

*These are the same reasons, the intelligence of the negative, that I percieve that I personally cannot strongly towards the positive atm.

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