Monday, 21 September 2015

Well, that escalated quickly (Information overload!)

The news has been coming so thick and fast that my brain is a little overloaded, so this will be a bit of a jumble. Not together, I can't see a unifying plan behind all this which in itself is interesting, since I am fairly OK usually with this kind of thinking, but there are just too many inputs.

This is some of the information:

A) Pig - gate. The single issue that will take down David Camerons 'attitude' of respectability. The only thing he really has to defend his behaviour (flashback to earlier Pluto direct)

B) Osborne has agreed to Chinese deal. With Renmimbi denoted debt:

C) Greece is still in the same position it always was. It is no better now and it could default on it's debt. Tsipras is still strategising:

D) Saudi's head of UN human rights panel.

E) Russians close to actually sending their military full on in to help Assad.

F) English army general threatens to coup d'etat if Corbyn were to win 2020. Even Tory MEP Daniel Hannan says 'This isn't F'n Bolivia!'

G) And from Fulford. Blood moon coming on UN meeting. My question is; is it even possible to remain non polarised? Is the meaningless platitude route available or is the energy pushing so polarity has to be chosen? Good or bad?

H) Markets are still CTD. Got a bit of a lift today, not much of one, some headlines about China but they are still in just as bad a place. And no event in the future (i.e. rate hike) to take everyone's mind off everything.

I) Refugee/ migrant crisis still completely spinning chaotically out of control with many disagreements of powerful people. See Breitbart.

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