Monday, 14 September 2015

So (predictably perhaps) nothing happened. (And blog).

The DOW did not drop by 777 points. It did not even drop by 77 points.

It sleepwalked. 

But things are happening. The emerging markets foreign exchange problems, possibly from the incredibly strong dollar. 

This is how I see how it all is at the moment. I remember a while back when everyone expected that Greece would not pay, they won't pay, they won't pay, they won't pay, and then, they found some money from somewhere and they paid. This was the first 'gap' between idea and reality. Where the rules that we expect to see, and that intuitively feel are normal, are suspended.

The next thing that happened was that Greece didn't pay and the Troika said, 'OK, we'll bundle up your payments to the end of the month.' It's just like... 'What. you've made all this fuss about them paying and now you're bending the rules? To not acknowledge the fact that they are not paying.'

That's what it is like. The rules are slowly being suspended. The FTSE has lost 1/7th of it's value. ONE SEVENTH. That's 14.2%. It is an insane amount. Imagine you lost 1/7th of the total value of everything you owned but the value of those things that didn't go down. Not just the big stuff, but the little things as well.

1/7th the value of your house, your furniture, your personal possessions, some of these, such as perhaps musical instruments or boilers, being upwards of 500 (insert currency). It would be devastating! You would de- facto have to sell a lot of pay this off and probably move house. 

However, this happened to the British stock market and on the surface, nothing is different! Nothing changes. No companies go bankrupt. We hear of a few mass firings but they float away in the news the next day.

Syria is the next big thing. The English government has put out propoganda that is uncomfortably 'fascist' in order to smear the new opposition leader and obviously, setting their plans so they can later smear him as a terrorist sympathiser when they go for Assad:

It won't wash, people are stupid but they are not THAT stupid. And the effect of Corbyn cannot be underestimated. The liberal left, the politically engaged Union linked left, they can talk to real people, in a way that someone like me cannot in all honesty (but someone like Carla could), and in a way that propogandist cannot either. They talk with simplicity and passion. There are plenty of smart people in there as well with Corbyn on scene!

So, that's a real thing it comes down to... War. But back to my original point. The rules cannot be suspended forever. The US has stopped raising it's debt which is ridiculous. ISIS and China are a bit too in your face. Any one of these things can be a black swan as well as any of a million things in the markets.

So we will see. When will reality return!

On a personal note, I'm going to change my other blog to another blog. Google doesn't seem to be cutting it, it is quite an ugly page and it doesn't recieve comments. Even though I do not expect to recieve comments, I think on a basic level it is not good to not be ABLE to recieve them.

Opens the door to communication from influences that might be confusing but... It's the principle. I'd most like a blog where you can CHOOSE whether to accept comments on a specific post!

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