Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Some thoughts.

A) I had just been posting images to do with the fact the DAX (German stock market) has plunged almost 1/4th recently, and then Vauxhall has this problem. Good guys or bad guys (to use a simplistic phrase)?

Well, it could be someone positive but it is just as likely to be the Americans trying to reduce competition for their car industry, get revenge on the German government for their proposed alliance with Russia over Syria, and enforce their global warming propaganda.

Whatever the reason, it's like shooting at an enemy inside a plane that doesn't have bulletproof windows. This looks as though it is going to positively influence the continuing crumbling of the EU

B) I noticed my last post on all the headlines was on sun square moon. The Quarter moon phase. Whatever is manifesting now it will express itself on the full moon then die down.

C) Is Corbyn being positioned to take power sooner than 2020? Why would the army bother with coup threats if this was not the case. I read a top hedge fund manager saying Corbyn's ideas of QE for the people could positively influence the next financial crisis. Surely, someone so well informed knows the 'next financial crisis' could be tomorrow.

D) So on this UN meeting Putin will talk about his plans on ISIS and Syria.

And that's it, I'll leave you with this comedy video on David Cameron:

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