Friday, 4 September 2015

VOID: Olive Branch.

VOIDED: I am extremely usure what to do about this. Although it seemed simple at first, if I reject something that is STO in theory, then other opportunities begin to open of being a bit more false. So I am unsure.

Someone to do with the whole situation has extended an olive branch.

The trouble is with these sorts of things, is that if I deal with these people again, and the girl involved has spread a thick web of lies around the situation, it will be a negatively polarising experience. If I sense the truth of the situation and then everyone involved is lying about it, perhaps only through inference, then there is implicit fear and my 'positive polarity' is being used for negative reasons.

Provided the whole situation I've outlined is true I'm not convinced that the girl would have stopped believing her original revenge was correct or being turned on by the original revenge aspect. Therefore, I will be avoiding the people involved.

It is very similar to a 'controlled disclosure' situation.

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