Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tentative astrological/ market prediction.

This is what I think:

The stock market will go down a little bit tomorrow and the next day.

(The rigging is getting more and more difficult occasionally because those who rig risk losing everything, it used to be corporations doing it but now it is not. It is individual SMALL investors. I.e. the ordinary person. The devil really is within.)

The market will go down, possibly DOW will end around 15,800 - 15,900.

Then on Monday it will break the 15,666 line, which I am calling the 'will of the devil'.

So it will break the 'will of the devil'.

Then all hell will break loose.

(This coincides with the closing square of the blood moon dated 4th October, which is a Sunday, so I am betting the 5th is when it will happen.)

(Update 01/10: Perhaps with Mars opposite Neptune around then the 'problem' will be immediately followed with QE or another financial stimulus.)

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