Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jackal and the temple.

A long time ago, in a beautiful land, that stretched as far as the eye could see and the feet could tread in many months. There was an ice city. 

It's people were ordinary folk of various levels of intelligence. Some were nice, some not so, some were intelligent and some more simple minded. The economic system was at an early feudalism stage

There arrived a man who was bright and exciting. He inspired people with his celebrity persona but he was not what he appeared on first glance. He certainly had a dark past with many shady characters and his intention was far from pure.

The religious and cultural traditions were not overly practiced in this culture. They had little need for an overriding diety although they did have some ardent believers. However, mostly people could believe whatever they wanted to believe and they could maintain their lives accordingly.

The snakeoil salesman. we'll call him Blor, didn't like this though. So he drummed up support all over the land of those that could be easily influenced and the weak minded and he got support to build a massive temple. To practice the faith and the doctrines of nooloberolosm. 

This was not good for many of the more intelligent people surrounding since it took a great deal from the peoples of the ice land and also abducted the minds and sometimes the bodies of some of their peoples for mysterious 'out of town' purposes from which they returned massively changed and physically scarred.

However, the support from 75% including many of the powerful maintained the rising surge of noloberolosm and it's temples. These temples were massive, they stretched very high and had many statues and ornaments that turned out not to be made of gold when the structure eventually came down.

Worshippers of noloberolosm were many because worshipping noloberolosm was easy. It held views that were difficult and nonsensical, one of these being that ice danced about when no one was watching it, but it came with wealth, ease, and it didn't leave the world to mystery or include the follower having to do a lot of work. Those at the top of noloberolosm had much wealth and status.

Also, and this was the real problem, it turned out many of the building blocks of the lower levels had contained within them black pulses that created incredibly virulent diseases. These would not be associated with the temple, in fact they would be known as the scourge created by the demonism of 'ondopondonce' that the noloberol gods were supposed to fight. However, it was part of the temple in actuality and it would wait to people slept before igniting in their lungs and turning their bodies into yellow goo.

There were many people against this but the main town did not listen. There was one man called Nog, who shouted that this was a problem but the temple worshippers ignored him. There was a man called Bosh, who stopped much money going to the noloberol temple by refusing to supply building parts for the machinery used to dig up the stone. But these people were few and far between.

There were also Blor's enemies that turned up one day to inspect the damage that Blor had done. They were fighters for humanity and had only passing relation to those of the ice town. Which perhaps was not the best way for it to be but it was the way that it was. A coalition was put together to free the peoples of noloberolosm. But it would be 'messy'.

The building of the noloberol temples was starting to stall, although Bosh was having a great deal of problems to his business and family he would not give up the machinery parts. Blor was unable to secure funding from anywhere else, despite the weirdness surrounding the ice cities missing youth.

So, after many years of trying to find out the best way to free the ice city people from the scourge of noloberolosm, a plan was put into place to go in and forcibly remove the plague causing stones. No one knew what to do with the rest of the temple but they realised it was going to have to come down if the foundation was.

And so that's what they did. However, the peoples of noloberolosm wouldn't leave the temple. They had six hours or prayer a day. Many were getting suspicious, more than would be expected. But how was the noloberolosm problem to be solved without difficulty?

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