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Karma spiral, and infighting in the elite.

I'm kind of unsure where I am now because I have moved more to the political side of the equation. (this refers to my Bring4th blog, I am happy with this sort of post on my blogspot). Regardless, I thought of the details for this blog and wasn't going to write it then felt a strong inner 'push' to. So here we go:

I said on an earlier blog that I had gotten a dream where Nigel Farage had told me something to do with free will and Catalonia, and just a few days before the Catalonian referendum on independence (coming this Sunday), I have been putting together an interesting story.

It seems that when the elite rig the vote, since they have been abusing free will lately, it has always had quite strong blowback for them.


A) Certain votes rigged from 1992 in England leads to Scots dissatisfied.
B) Scots fight for an independence referendum. It is heavily rigged.

But they are angry, because free will has not been satiated. They have not been hypnotised into it so unlike 9/11 where there was REAL effort put into the free will side of things. (Meaning, you have to really try and not look at evidence it was US gov influenced), there is not enough hints at the Scots one so they feel INTUITIVELY that something is wrong that lead to. The SNP get elected. Scots have enough of the establishment.

Which leads to:

C) The establishment can't have these rogues in power so the GE 2015 is rigged.

Which leads in two directions. i) It influences the UKIP vote and ii) the left who feel angry but aren't intellectually inclined to follow it up, want someone in and the irresistable energetic power leads to Corbyn being elected as leader of the opposition.

On the EU side of things. The EU is having this problem as well:

A) The continual undermining of parties like UKIP (although the racism slur is probably free will covered the vote rigging isn't) and undermining of nation states leads to anger within certain countries. 

B) One of these countries is Spain. Where the Catalans do not want to go along with the right wing mega majority (that is in itself suspicious because with 20-22% unemployment you would think a left party would have more power.) The energy for Catalonian independence is huge with millions marching; and the EU predictably 'threatening' the Catalans saying they won't be allowed in the EU if independent.

But the EU has been acting like such a bully on the world stage.

That's on an EU intra- national level.

D) On an EU international level however: 

The EU has passed immigration quotas recently based on the qualified majority voting, which basically states if you are powerful, like Germany, you get to vote, and if you are not powerful, like Hungary, you don't get a vote.

The EU Just Forced Members To Accept Migrants Through Qualified Majority Voting. You Should Probably Know What That Means

Not only this but the results are kept secret. So we just have to take the EU's word for it that the result is as they say it is!

This has lead to all sorts of tensions with several countries closing their borders and various other things.

Migrant Crisis Sparks Balkan Border Battles As EU Buckles Under Overwhelming Refugee Flow:

So Sunday is either a rigged vote, and a REAL pushback somewhere in Spain and possibly within the EU. Or a genuine vote that is most likely going to go towards independence by my guess, since when given the majority usually votes in their best Service to Others interest.

Secondly, on a simpler note that I COULD write an article on since their is enough info. but probably will not here. There seems to be a lot of infighting in the elite. A LOT. Giant potshots that are the equivalent at shooting at each other inside an aircraft with big, non bulletproof windows!

Technically both infighting and certain people standing up for themselves possibly. But these people being those who perhaps would have been bad guys but were treated badly.

The first example of this is that Goldman has written some interesting financial reports about cannibalising other banks. (Making them into Lehmans)

Is Goldman Preparing To Sacrifice the Next "Lehman"

The second is pig- gate, where Lord Ashcroft who couldn't buy his way into the Conservative Party has written a painstakingly well researched book on David Cameron that could literally bring him down.

David Cameron once put a 'private' of his anatomy inside a dead pigs body, shock biography claims

WATCH: Tory HQ are controlling the porkies told by 'independent' commentators about the Cameron book

The third is this strange Volkswagen situation, where the US regulator decided to chow down on the Germans and ignored a lot of other worse performing cars. The German economy, that's exactly what it needed!

Why Volkswagen is systematically important for Germany and for Europe:

All Hail VW: Heroic Resistance against Green Tyranny

The fourth is employees blamed for the Libor fixing of the banks are suing and they know where the bodies are buried.

(Can't find this atm sorry!)

Two other pieces of news is that someone important for the whole US shutdown scenario was visited by the pope, resigned the next day, and now the shutdown is not going to happen.

Divine Intervention? House Speaker Boehner Resigns From Congress Amid "Conservative Coup"

And mysteriously, a Californian lake has dried up in one night!

Californian Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Thousands of Fish Dead:

Also, both Janet Yellen and Dalai Lama are having health difficulties. The elite are having problems!

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