Friday, 4 September 2015

Hopelessly blocked.

The pain I feel just at every moment has reached a kind of crescendo. I am reaching exhaustion also, I can't sleep. I go through periods of feeling love for this girl and that she is a good person and then having to consciously hammer myself into the fact that she is actually quite a cruel human being.

This was a tweet someone sent to me:

human nature is the reason we should show compassion & belief in fellow humans. Divide to rule creates misdirected anger & misery..

These are mine:

I have been through such pain recently because of others actions, and continued actions. That I believe they deserve to suffer.

And that compassion is taken as a weakness by people whom have a cruel intention. Greater force is the only way to solve at all.

Not in positive polarity. I've also reached exhaustion. Not playing music or meditating, having to keep myself in constant stress to function is waring me down.

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