Thursday, 3 September 2015

The other day I was talking with a friend and we mentioned Percy Bysshe Shelly, one of my 'supposed' past lives.

'IF all that stuff is true' is what I use to preface the conversation. It all makes sense as I have said my channel could do all the things that those lives did. Especially Van Gogh.

Anyway, I mentioned PBS and he said that he liked the way PBS died. He was on a ship and sailed so recklessly that he ended up dying!

I also saw this article that I enjoyed from natural news. Anti preppring tips. No. 3 is involuntary fasting (i.e. starvation) and no. 5 is doing stupid things and then blaming other people for them:

Anti Prepping 101: The top unpreparedness skills to master now for the coming collapse (outrageous satire):

Natural news is though worse than a mainstream outlet in some ways. Unless your comment on Disqus is 100% pro Mike Adams, it will not go through. Some really very benign comments I've written have not gone through. I.e. financial facts in relation to some of his arguments. Emailing the company makes no difference, they don't answer.

I also have been reading up, apparently in Hurricane Katrina it took the locals 3 days to descend into looting and murder. Three days is the crisis zone. After 10 - 15 (which I don't think it will get to) it can denigrate into cannibalism!

Anyway, crisis is not yet. It is nine days to Shemitah, and a drop of 600+ points might be enough to kill the DOW if it hasn't rallied by then (or of course Shemitah might be another day.)

Continuing my prep! Dog food and sesame snaps.

I am still locked out of the STO path. One of the things that I do not do is play any music at all because A) I will get the normal and natural instinct to phone a girl I have feelings for and who has been unreasonably out of order and B) out of the higher self/ group I was involved in, if I play music it will also help someone else who plays music, whom will get absolutely nowhere without me.

The fifth density like me will find fame easy, however, the sixth density sometimes needs someone of fifth to send them light and move into the world. As in John Lennon in the Beatles. Without me this friend will make music but never be recognised (IMO).

Which was why this person was so dogmatically desperate to get me to give up on higher chakra thoughts (i.e. lie detecting and UKIP). Because subconsciously they know they are trapped. (How does it feel?)

Remember any increase of light/ love to this prick will be most likely used against me.

When I don't have a lot of protection up I get kind of dreams of a kind of blackmailing nature. The path we all went through with a complete melding and an oversoul probably, and then deliberate nastiness and cruelty is still active on the metaphysical, and with any luck everyone will have to face their bullshit before the end of our lives.

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