Saturday, 26 September 2015

Defense against the 'spiritually enlightened':

This all came together in a Disqus comment, it is repeating information for anyone that is paying attention, but people won't necessarily put together all the dots as I have here.

I was responding to someone whom I felt was being patronising but which Disqus censored directly insulting responses to this person. I find it especially irritating people that some people try and shut down debate by telling you you are being too intellectual that I feel is their way of 'winning' the argument:

(There is a bit of a discomfort or response in the ether now that things have gotten to where they have, it seems in my dreams)

Because of some mild negativity I have been subject too over the past few years. I am binded, every single second, AGAINST doing anything like meditation, music etc. There have been forces (IMO) of negativity in my life. Every second I guard my mind against certain thoughts.

Let me show you a synchronicity explaining the satanic nature of this. My blog is from a screenname called 'Phoenix'. My birthday is on the 5th August. And an astrology system I had a lot of experience with and that I consider incredibly enlightened is called the Human design chart over rumoured to start because a star exploded over Chile. My conscious sun (the most powerful point in the whole chart.) Is at number 33. And the site that Phoenix is on is Bring4th, Which is committed to the study of a spiritual system called the Law of One.

Chilean Miners strike. Started August 5th. 33 people (Los 33). In Chile. Phoenix capsule a factor. Under ground in the dark. Rumoured to be Annunaki connection. For 69 days. Session 69 of the Law of One neatly summarises that if a person of positive polarity is trapped in a place of negative polarity (not that I am but the basic principle) then they are not able to take up the behaviours of the positive polarity.

That's everything you need. That is why I am alienated from my 'real self'. Because forces have been in my life. This is a response I had in another old deleted (by Breitbart who you think would understand upset caused) post: Where would Srivinivasa Ramanujan, Don Elkins, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock, Nigel Farage have gotten without first absorbing a lot of technical information inspired by 'curiousity' i.e. 'spirit'.

There is hope. This new moon under which I am following the news and it seems to have diversified and something seems to be happening. Full on the 28th a UN conference. New moon on 13th October, the time when 'the 33' were lifted out of their troubles.

My timeline in accord with David Wilcock (and financial information which is my new hobby): Stock crash, Societal collapse, Illuminati Tribunals. I have prepped for a month. Like 'Damian McBride' advises.

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