Friday, 4 September 2015

Refugees out of Syria, and ISIS.

The world is different now, we have been running along on autopilot and this issue has changed the game in small ways.

ISIS is a truly disgusting force, EVERYONE now knows it is the US funding these people for their own, probably 'oil pipeline' related agendas, and regional dominance, and dollar hegemony. The negative forces are open now, there is no secrecy anymore like their used to be. A relatively small band of fanatics is not in a Middle Eastern country being bombed by US, Kurds, Russians, Turkish and Syrian army and growing stronger! The US is on their side and the US allys such as turkey are not against ISIS.

We in the West have been hearing stories about all this and now it has been thrown into the spotlight. In some weird way that I can't quite identify this is the straw that breaks the camals back. The EU was going to bomb Libya's shipyards to stop the migrants/ refugees WHO CARES HOW THEY ARE DEFINED WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE, from leaving the country. This also risked killing Libya's trade which was an acceptable loss.

It is not something they want to deal with. It is not something they can control or use to their agenda in any ways more than minor distraction based ways. It takes time, effort, energy and they are trying to keep up the lie (that they have any semblance of compassion or effectiveness in what they do,) and the lie can't be held up. They are being watched too closely. They are trying to stop an entire empire from crumbling. How does this help us manipulate the market into believing in QE again? They may ask. 

Answer, IT DOESN'T. It's just a normal human problem you F'N morons. A problem that you created or let the gun toting low life in the US- military- intelligence services create.  

It is the perfect catalyst to chip away at their empire. Because, like I said, it is basically 'human'.

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