Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Officially in trouble metaphysically.

I am officially in trouble, from my perspective.

Every time I say things on this blog it has always turned out to be true, even the things that sound like an emotional tirade and absolutely nuts. I wrote a poem about becoming 'karmically involved' back in the day. That was exactly what was happening at the time.

I feel like I have failed my life path. What I came down here to do an learn cannot be satisfied for the near future. I don't think there is anything I am willing to do, and which I consider remotely reasonable against the negativity I have faced.

I might as well throw this in there as a pain- fest. I can also trace the life path and where it is now headed, and what happened in the life of those around me who have been effected and stuff. But I won't go into that. I just wanted to pick up on an earlier point. I have never said anthing that turned out not to be true? Well, I said I was going to soon die not so long ago. Doesn't seem to be happening! I felt that at the time but it doesn't seem to be happening.

But I'm blabbing now. I can't see a way out when the positive polarity is blocked from my perspective.

However, one of the synchronicities that turned up before this whole thing even began linked this blog and personal details to session 69. Session 69 is about negative space

I feel that and believe that. I also had it explained to me in a dream as well. When the negative is as effectively sprawled over the planet people's life path gets thrown off. The thing they are here to give. That's what is so painful. We are more fulfilled when we are on our paths, and we have love protecting us from negativity, and there is no perverse and bizarre pain.

Don't think all those migrants coming out of Syria are living their life path... Do you?

So, off we go, it's all going to work out at some point. I do have some magickal resources that seem to be helping me through even though since the events of last year, I am apparently working less and less on my own life force? 

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