Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Figuring it out.

Well, the DOW is definitely tanking!

I feel there are two groups of entities as in the last post. There is the 'outside ET' type of entities, that rely on a more 'compassion' formed base of wisdom and which were responsible for the first half.

And there are the more 'inner planes' entities, more specific to me, whom are more about light. Whom rely on the kind of 'self defense' side of wisdom if things go wrong, and for ME are connected to dreams, music, astrology etc.

That means the 'ET' type entity, the ones I heard of and first hooked into from an 'other self', are the ones far more strongly pushing contact with that person. Therefore, I can say... 'The first seperation is self from self.' Also, rather unpleasantly for them, they have lost one of their vehicles for communication with the world on this earth.

I also got a dream from inside her mind the other day. I did not like this ONE BIT. Firstly, if that is the case then I got the better deal, someone whose incarnation pattern includes positive entities doesn't function so well mentally without them, secondly, importantly: I can't control my dreams. When I have spoken to her I can FEEL that these entities are gone and I know from somewhere that she stopped talking about ET's after the stuff with me.

Truly that is karma since that will all come out after disclosure, there would be no need for any court case. (If it were possible).

Saying that my astrology is over, today is the last day I billed of 1st September. Up until the Saturn Sun, when the first DOW tumble happened it was all good, after that the astrology seemed to fall away a bit. Not completely but a bit. This may be because nothing seemed to happen anyway, we really are in stagnation, since the mainstream will not acknowledge much, certainly nothing to change anything. Therefore, watching these guys self destruct through the stock market is the only way any potential 'real change' can be perceived.

(Strange extra bit of guidance when I start to relax, I could message her and tell her how to reconnect (included in that is thoughts of her and session 69 connections) but it would be easier and safer to just wait until disclosure and then any confusions could be 'untangled'.)

It's unfortunate and unpleasant, but I don't have connection with these ET's, if they want us together, their vehicle on the earth is the one stopping it and its their responsibility (this puts a lot of stuff together, several times I felt positive entities warn other entities off.)

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