Friday, 11 September 2015

Following the lightning strikes.

First was the church and the pope with Benedict out and Francis in.

Next was the top of the one world trade center in America, just before the DOW topped. (And bubble burst)

Today (14 year anniversary of September 11th), Saudi Arabia. A Muslim holy site. Put the two of them together and you have fanatical Jihadism/ Wahabism and one of America's allies/ vassals in the Middle East.


There is a religious link here. The two religions I have mentioned, Islam and Shemitah/ Judaism, are those that have been most completely perverted by the 'cabal'.

(My problems are also very related to the symbology of ISIS)

To spell it out. Iran is now helping Russia in Syria. The indebted US, Turkey and UK are not going to find it easy there. Like bullies they will not want to stand up against an equal opponent. As already summarised before, Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has spent and practically acted on his anti- war beliefs will be elected to opposition government tomorrow. 

Good times... Good stuff!

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