Saturday, 19 September 2015

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Interesting time astrologically. I am going to reference my own chart in relation to transits with a mention as to what the transits mean more generally:

A) Monday September 28th 3:47AM BST: The coming blood moon positions the sun at 4deg Libra and the moon at 4deg Aries (conjunct the south node, societies past) . That is directly over my North Node! Within my 12th house. Seems as though my more metaphysical future is going to get a subtle emotional boost. Perhaps any events that effect me will effect my 'service to others' (6th house) and the more mysterious undercurrents of my metaphysical life.

B) Pluto is going direct soon. Pluto is at 12deg Capricorn and in about 5 days goes direct. (Friday Sep 25th 7:59 AM BST). Although specifics with the slowest planet in the solar system are not too useful. Last time Pluto went direct we saw the rise of ISIS.

What I think this is to do with is that Pluto unlocks the 'subconscious' of society. The hidden. When that starts to happen the cabal have to put up some major stuff in order to cover up what is naturally being revealed.

However, in this climate I do not think they have the energy to succeed. We will see them TRY to go to Syria. News will be more in your face all of a sudden like it was when ISIS first came on the scene and the populace once again got reminded that the wider world exists.

For me personally it is interesting since Pluto exactly inconjuncts my sun in the tenth house. It will move away from this exact inconjunct and not return. So after the modern day events, I may find less and less energy in the whole plutonian/ politics/ Illuminati area. It may just 'fall away' for me personally over the next few years. Or at least take a back step in regards to intensity.

C) Sun North- node Conjunction, Thursday Sept 24th 1005 AM BST: I have an instinct about this one although it is not necessarily that important the 'future' of our society will come into question on this date and this is one to watch out for. It is in Libra, so it is about balance and fairness.

Dreams and syncs.

I had a dream today which was pleasant on a carnal level although, even though it might sound nice would be just flat out weird and anatomically not possible if it really did happen. Jeri Ryan from Star Trek was raping a young boy of about 17.

Then... Jeri Ryan was posted on my facebook feed.

This opens a whole can of interesting things about a kind of 'law of attraction' and how it works with people together.

I am fifth density. What I do not get that sixth density people have is.. My own energy. So I am reliant on meditation and astrology, light. Various kinds of wisdom to find my path.

However, energy from others does come into my life and does 'kind of' manifest things for me. But I do not feel these things as real so they do not stick.

Many examples: A) A friend of mine who passionately wanted me to get sexually involved with a girl so I would stop saying things that were inconvenient to him. Then a girl with the same birthday and same sixth density things showed up. B) A girl whom I suspect sent me energy and i met a girl exactly like her. However, then that girl had a boyfriend, because she could not send energy of someone that was prepared on a material practical level to get involved with me. C) A party girl with the same birthday as my mother... The list continues. Sometimes when talking in letters to people.

This sort of thing also allows me to be very psychic. To experience peoples energies like this.

The Jeri Ryan thing, since I started out with that, was probably my friend wanting that carnal reality for me, with perhaps some sort of acknowledgement of who I am. Jeri Ryan is probably fifth density and therefore is not overly carnal IMO (doesn't mean she couldn't f*** everyday). It was a projection of a guy's ultimate woman ideas onto her.

This is probably why I got the young extremely attractive and genuinely carnal girl 'harassing' me for several years (it was mutual positive feelings but the situation was f's up). This came along when the 'realisation' of certain past life ideas came about. So I was reading the LoO which allowed the energy into my life. But the pure carnality was probably partly from this energy. (Even though the genders are different. soul energy and projections)

After this, after the 'carnal' aspect of my 'past life' came into view, that girl left my life and my half sister became a bigger aspect. Same starsign and nice, interesting person.

People, especially 6D people will try and say it is my own carnality since they experience that and refuse to acknowledge I am different to them... Carry on!

Markets and geopolitics.

Well, it looks like the markets are dying, not with a BANG though, but with a whimper. They were screwed with a rate hike. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. If they hiked; no buybacks would crash economy, if they didn't low interest on yeilds is weakening US dollar and bursting the bond bubble (potentially). It is discouraging people from saving as well.

So the stocks are probably just going to whimper and die. No great big celebrated death. Just like a puppy lying there looking depressed.

Syria however is important. The US's hands are tied, they cannot go to war with 'ISIS' (use it as an excuse against Assad) because the Russians are now present. It's like the bully finally meeting the tough kids in the school playground whom are not going to put up with him.

I have to say though. I have reached a happy homeostasis now that I am 'prepped'. I just feel a fundamental 'relaxation'.

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