Saturday, 5 September 2015

What to do when the bad guys say something nice.

I don't know what is going on with this migrant/ refugee crisis but I summarised in my last post how I thought one of the photos to do with the situation is a fake.

Thousands of refugees/ migrants are heading from Africa to EU member states.

  • They are from different places, not all from Syria, apparently. How much are actually from a warzones... 1/3, 2/3...?
  • Some of them, a lot potentially, are economic migrants, some richer than the countries they trump through (crazy sounding I know considering MSM perspective.
  • ISIS, to the extent that such a group does exist since every publicised slaughter seems to be an American false flag. ISIS members are in this group.
  • Every statement that we will take 'as many migrants that come' are going to encourage more to come. Is that sustainable? I don't know the logistics, quite likely yes. It will quite definitely encourage more deaths by boat problem though. Angela Merkel has stated that Germany will take as many as possible. There are problems in that some states are passing on migrants from one country to the other.
So, a good way to get round these problems has been stated by David Cameron. Offer financial support where it is needed and take genuine Syrian refugees FROM SYRIA. That's very sensible.(If only it wasn't him doing it!)

I don't know what's right, moral, or correct in the grander term. Probably exactly what's happening. However, when you find yourself on the same side as David Cameron, you could very well be on the wrong side! When David Cameron is on the opposite side to Angela Merkel, that stitcher together of the EU. Does that mean he's on the right side? or the wrong side? or is he playing? If you had to choose a side, can there be a 'right side?'

Or perhaps, it's not part of anyones agenda, it's a Black Swan. However, why the media photo op?

Things to ponder.

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