Sunday, 6 September 2015

Shooting stars. In Thailand and China.

Emerging markets. They are getting problems due to China's currency devaluation and I read that dumping US Treasuries may be a good option in this endeavor.

So here are videos, mysterious object falling to the ground in China (might not be up for long):

And another in Thailand:

Reminds me of this video (below), the state we are in. However, this does have cabal programming in it, the 'bridge' dropping etc. This is how they want it to be; (but really, no problem with putting that in the movie, it created a great villain and freedom to have a villian in a story that is bad without being accused of being Illuminati).

My first suspicion, that perhaps I should have stuck with with this refugee crisis, is that the governments were hoping to encourage it as a threat to the positive forces, because refugee/ migrants from Africa are going to know how to survive.

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