Saturday, 19 September 2015

Two and a half events for the coming week.

(Edit: Removed from the title; 'So relax Sunday.')

A) Stock market opens.

Seems to have lost a bit of steam. And the 'rigging' of the market is also losing steam. I theorise that a lot of the algorithms and computer gimmicks, especially to keep the market up when it wants to go down, computer gimmicks are making the stock market in the AI direction (although not there) THIS is why 666 keeps turning up in financial markets.

Regardless, there is no reason to assume it's going to go down now more than the past few weeks. But there is definitely crisis point being reached.

B) Greek election results.

And if the election isn't rigged there will be i) Golden Dawn will gain more power (you only need enough people to believe the EU is bad enough to frame them regardless of whether they did), and other anti EU parties will gain power.

The migrant/ refugee crisis, with 100 or 1000's of people PER DAY, turning up in Greece, will definitely move some over to the Golden Dawn. The migrant crisis itself has lead to that great declarer of the need for the EU's 'open borders', to close their own borders and send riot police there. Other countries are following suit to threats by Germany... (?) These are the sort of issues that end empires.

C) This is the half because it might not be this week but it is a big deal. Syria. The Russians are helping Assad and more help is on the table. Syria is actually fighting back to ISIS. What will happen with the US?

In England, the newspapers are still obsessed with Corbyn. Every tiny little move of his is followed it's pathetic, and several big hitters are out against him! It's like the newspapers are having a 'tantrum'. There doesn't seem to be a 'plan' to it. It's just irrational and emotional.

One recent 'gem' was when he was at his constituency on a Friday and he got criticized for not having watched the rugby match at that time.

In the grand political game he is not even that important ATM. He is in opposition not government! Although that role could become extremely important with any issue that the Tories may lose votes to an internal rebellion. (Slim majority).

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