Friday, 11 September 2015

Shemitah, UK politics.

A) Today, I kid you not, I was walking on the beach and was the number plate V-777!

Also, the £1.7m Britain has to give the EU.

And, a non seven related synchronicity; population of Africa: 1.111

It is the anniversary of September the 11th. When I was logging onto my laptop I saw the date 11 September and my stomach kind of froze!

In the UK, there is a politician who is about to be elected to the mainstream left party (so, the opposition to the government) called Jeremy Corbyn. He seems non cabal, and he has spent his entire life in the pursuit of one ideal... Stopping the war... Or ... Peace.

Just as all this Syria stuff ramps up.

News on the markets is that the rigging that is usually done through VIX -> S&P -> Dow. Is not appearing to work to the same efficiency as it used to; and because of a general breakdown, other methods of rigging are becoming VERY obvious.

If nothing happens on Monday I will likely be following the pattern of 'cognitive dissonance' and pushing on to a later date. I do hope though the market does crash.

There has been something going round the internet as well about arrests. I dont' believe that I believe any military will likely involve in more 'can- kicking' until the market crashes; but it was still worth mentioning!

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