Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Syncs on the Chilean Miners... But what was that?

Quick thought.

The Chilean Miners strike. I've talked about it before with the whole August 5th/ 33HDC/ Phoenix, and importantly... Session 69.

But what it really was is important.

The Chilean Miners were locked underground for 69 days. I have talked about being stuck in negative polarity as in session 69. But what their actual EXPERIENCE was shows this up more than anything.

They were locked underground. No light, bad oxygen etc. For SIXTY NINE DAYS.

But, as the LoO contact said. It 'ended' well. As will this situation. It will end well.

The bad guys will have to face themselves and for humanity, it will end well... In the Sun.

(Even though my 'guidance' is uncomfortable and stops me doing 'music' etc. I know that at the end I will have 'won' some sort of 'battle' and it will all have been worth it!)

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