Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Blog:

My New Blog is

Disconnecting from big G.

Well, I have a lot to say.

But unfortunately not here, Google's persecuting of non liberal voices is too much for me. (I will sort out another blog and post that later today.)

I was just thinking about the difficulty of changing services to non google ones...

Firstly, I was looking at other blogs. Some of them have that annoying squared format which I do not really want, I like this format. Wordpress has some good things plus activism on net neutrality. But Wordpress's free blogging service has adverts... Will these be pop ups? Clearly that is a deal breaker. Hopefully the adverts will be fairly out of the way.

Secondly, email: Gmail has this wonderful service in that it separates social, promotions and your main inbox so you can ignore the other two. Gmail is also almost every sign in I have and is on my phone as well. It is unlikely I will completely disconnect from Gmail, it is more likely I will only use it scarcely and will have another email account if I can find a good one.

The other thing is search engines. Previously I used duck duck go and could not find news on a recent child trafficking set of arrests on it, I had to go to Google for that. Again, is the service that opposes Google any good?

Practically any of these services I might have to go back to Google for!

... and finally browser. My new computer did not come with Chrome and I have been happily not using it although Chrome is admittedly better on a lot of things.

So that's that. I have more to say, quite a bit more, but not on Google.

I'll see you later!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Effects of the lunar eclipse/ Coding liberals.

I have gone to some lengths to be able to write this blog today, and when I am actually sitting down here I do not have a great deal to say!

However, let's have a go. Firstly, the lunar eclipse finished yesterday and there have been four events in four days for me personally:

A) A work do because someone has left.
B) A powerful dream related to my current progress
C) Meeting with a family member that was deeper than normal
D) Meeting with a close friend.

Two of these reflected an eclipse related movement, the other two did not, in that there was the metaphysical potential there but it did not happen.

a) My work do someone left which fits a closing cycle, and it became clear I have been noticed by some people I previously had considered probably did not notice me.
b) The dream was powerful but I could not follow it up. So it ended with instead of me being able to act on it only reflecting and feeling very bad about the reasons I could not follow up on this dream. I.e. worldly darkness. If I had have been able to and it had been successful my whole life would have changed and a lot would have been left behind in my understanding.
c) Meeting with a family member has lead to understanding on my father, which potentially ends an unspoken wall between us.
d) The close friend expressed that he did not want to talk about politics in even the milder disconnected sense of the word, plus has other personal tendencies of shutting things down. Although someone may think that this does reflect the end of a cycle in fact, shutting down communication and philosophical thought like this will only serve to make troublesome emotional trends longer.

I obviously need to set up a set of rules to relate online. I have found three types of leftist where the conversation ends predictably. (In fact I do not think I have met one outside this pattern):
Code 1: People that try and assert an emotional reality over a factual one and are emotionally wounded when they lose.
Code 2: People that will refuse to give a source because they have been actively lying and will simply ignore you and insist you are a troll to anyone who tries to interact with you.
Code 3: People that simply can’t accept new information and will offer a point, you respond to it, then they offer it again like a broken record
I remember three recent good examples of these sorts of behaviour. There are also other problems with online communication. If you talk on a public message board about people who you are having arguments with with whom the situation does actually blow over, or if you mention other usually hidden things in life, then the very permanent words on a chat board could potentially serve to harm the person stating them!

What is also interesting about these three codes is that they require opposing responses. Code 3 types of individuals are often hard- ish people. Angry indviduals who will argue your every small point. Code 1 type of individuals are opposite to that. Rather than dogged arguing while not being sidetracked by their personal attacks they actually respond to the doggedness with the pathetic victim card.

With Code 1's perhaps it is easier to say reasonably nice things to allow them to save face, with Code 3's any sense of kindness will be met with aggression or the claim that their points are correct.

It is worth digging out these arguments I think to represent them by real conversations, because liberals will, because they emotionally prefer it, try and state that they do not exist. The other thing a liberal might do is to state, without evidence that right wing people are just as bad. I cannot see how that can be defended against but at least having the nasty or pathetic liberal conversations to hand to show they really exist makes a movement towards a proof of sorts. Also, it is not a relevant point if I say that I am not arguing with the right anyway, but to them it still is.

Another thing they do is tell you you are arrogant because the things you are saying 'cannot be questioned'. But if one person has done hundreds of hours of research and online communication and another has done none then that is the result you would expect. The online dictionary definition of arrogance is making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud. Accusations of arrogance have to, if they are correct (but when has a liberal ever cared about that?) be met with proof that the superior knowledge is a pretension or inaccurate claim. Not simply the natural result of a knowledge difference in a specific area.

An astrological book by one of the best authors there is (in my opinion of course); Liz Greene, explained how when a man was going to die one year and a bit more beforehand his children were letting go of him and his impact on their lives. With any large societal change I imagine that same trends would be apparent. Is it that those who resist the trend, those who are not emotionally easy going enough to explore emotions and as a result let certain things go... That will have a problem with this shift?

I want to state clearly though that personally, I do not find that any of these problems are there in offline communication. Dealing with the emotions and reality of real people is not quite the same! Code 1 and code 3 are not so separated in real people.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Female vanity.

My we are living in strange times. I had so many high minded and philosophical thoughts late last night, all ready for quite a powerful blog. However, then I weighed my food, recorded my insulin level and woke up in the morning with very high bloodsugars (diabetic).

Thus, the anxiety broke my concentration.

That blog, that owes a great deal to the effect of todays eclipse, will probably be written at a later date. The information and emotions are still inside me but I cannot access them.

However I still have something to say.

Yesterday I showed Lauren Southern to a family friend and the effect was very good. Her main video is a message to young women, a video I would not normally watch. However, it contained an interesting fact in it... Women that have had more than ten sexual partners on their wedding day are NINETEEN times more likely to divorce than women who are virgins while for men, there is no statistical difference.

I think I can explain that, and very easily.

My experience of women that have slept around a lot is that they are simply not as nice as women that have not... Because they are vain (But only in relation to potential romantic relationships not otherwise). If you consider what sex actually indicates for a woman, they experience first hand that despite whatever doubts they may have about their attractiveness, (and even models have those) that there is no reason for them to doubt. That the men who are poking them very much desire them and the men are completely under the womans control.

This leads to a vanity on the womans behalf. This is the effect I get from such women. They simply expect you to bend your knee and worship them or fulfil some requirement that they have cooked up in their minds. They give absolutely nothing but they seem to be of the opinion from their implying that they have, or will, give something that they have given a great deal.

This sort of things must chip away at relationships. While women who do not have that history look directly at you and talk to you like a human being!... Radical!

Of course this expectation by such women will be fulfilled by the type of guy that wants to screw her and not much more! They have had the practice at that. While the guy who is not willing to sacrifice his self respect to grab her bits, possibly those that are more intelligent, and more likely to settle into a stable relationship, will not be bothered with this game.

An interesting sociological tidbit but not really ultimately meaningful in that it does not actually effect anything in the real world. Until some sort of karma is visited upon these women to derail that vanity, possibly in the form of them lying to themselves more and having that challenged by societal change. Nothing in this area will move forward.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Earthquake's and eclipses/ Other tidbits.

Hmmm. Yesterday I had not realised that the emotions I talked about in the first part of my blog would be broadcast over facebook!

I will be very careful about my first few words in the future.

Look at this:

Amazon: Great American Eclipse: Earth Quakes and Tsunami

If the pattern of seismic activity seen in the Great Eclipses of 1999 and 2009 is repeated in the Great American Eclipse of 2017, then either one or a series of potential major quakes of magnitude 6 to a megathrust of magnitude 9 could happen a week to three months after the eclipse. A second wave of seismic episodes of the same potential magnitude could follow 8 to 18 months after the eclipse. Less frequent but no less damaging episodes of quakes and tsunamis could take place as late as 2 to 5 years after the moon’s shadow on 21 August 2017 had touched future epicenters inside these four seismically sensitive zones.
No earth quakes in England in 1999 but still, I'm sure Mr Hogue's data withstands scrutiny!

Zerohedge has followed this up with an article of a quake that looks like it's soon to erupt!:

Zerohedge: 1400-Quake Swarm Prompts Question "If Yellowstone Erupted, What Would Be Left?"

There's something about that 1400 number!

Daily Express is reporting that Britain will pay "no more than £36 Billion"... Weird times. Speechless.

Stillness in the Storm is reporting a 1000 person sex trafficking bust that includes law enforcement and clergy.

So that's the general run down. Am not able to keep up with my reading of those articles until later though!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Political change/ misrepresentation of women in society.

I feel personally, that the world, and my reality are cold, dark and not capable of improving!

Very dark feelings.

But then there's not much I can do about that is there? There is not much any of us can do about that. I do want to mention one thing though, the bad dream and feeling I complained about last blog/ earlier today could have been a 'download' so to speak. I feel as though there's too much information in my mind to hold and that will likely slowly unravel unravelled.

There have been, like I said earlier, important political developments. I mentioned yesterday about getting a 'gift from the creator' and these few things really do seem very much like they do effect the global game, and some that are just interesting anyway:

YouTube: Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Ancient Aliens from the Future - Corey Goode 

I couldn't watch much past the Law of Attraction stuff about 45 min through the video. However, Corey almost never has updates since I've subscribed to him. He might have kicked it into gear along with some others that I'll get to, because of the coming eclipse. In this video he discusses how due to the Mandela effect we may have previously had things like nuclear strikes in America but none of us remember it.

Super weird stuff. But I can navigate through it comfortably with a set of theories that don't put me in a very good stead!

Anyway moving on:

When I got home from my work event the other day, David Wilcocks facebook:
  1. I am putting together an update to explain what has gone on in the last few months and why I didn't write any articles or release any new videos during that time.
    In short, I needed to recover from 20 years of being in non-stop emergency mode... i.e. a workaholic -- and deal with a variety of things that were getting left behind.
    As a result I have been through a very significant healing process and have gotten my inspiration back.
    I would still prefer not to be a public figure at all, but I will get back on the horse ASAP with a new update!
David is going to update soon as well, and he always has another perspective on things.

And... Look, just LOOK at this:

Definitely in the stars that last one. Nigel and the Solar Eclipse!

However, here's what I want to talk about in this specific post, here is a point I want to make:

Here is a mainstream media article that summarises the sociological problem in how society views women... In my opinion of course:

I did do a little careful picking to get this article because the Daily Mail was, what I consider, fairly on the money here [link] and the Telegraph had the same message as Huffpost but said far more cleverly. Earlier on today when searching the subject the same kind of crappy article with the following reasons came up a few times, although I actually approved of the first part of the article that stated that women cheat as often as men but simply do not get caught as often:

From Why Women Cheat: 5 Reasons For Female Infidelity
  1. She feels underappreciated, neglected, or ignored.  
  2. She craves intimacy. 
  3. She is bored and/or lonely. 
  4. She never feels fully loved and appreciated. 
  5. She has an intimacy disorder. 
Except when you actually go through the posts of women who have cheated [link], the stories are not to do with those reasons.

Try this one for instance [link] or this [link]

OK, so the second one there is a bit 'storyfied' but it could be true. Here's another:

I'm guessing then since that last one was into porn, she does not fit anywhere into those five categories.

It seems to me that the reason a lot of women cheat is because... They want to, they are not particularly good people and don't have a commitment to ethics! Another one of those stories is where the woman got out of control drunk and her husband passed out so she slept with six guys on her wedding night. [link]

So why are these sorts of cases not represented in more mainstream articles? Because, if it is the case that it is somehow the mans fault that the relationship goes sour then men, if they can do everything "perfectly" are not getting a raw deal.

If on the other hand women are just cheating... Because they prefer to. Because the system of law is slanted in their favour so there are no consequences, then, well then what?

Well, if men are not getting anything out of society then there is no reason for them to commit to it! If society doesn't convince men to work and further convince them they are getting something back from it then it will not survive. If there are no consequences for women, but there ARE consequences for men for this sort of behaviour. Then do they want to pay tax to keep this system going?

I don't think they do.

Damp squib again.

I had the most dreadful dream this morning. It has really lead me to be quite withdrawn today.

However, there is quite a lot of good news:

But I can't cover any of that yeesh. I might go back to bed.

Did very much intend to write a blog but there you go!

Friday, 4 August 2017

No news, personal meandering.

Well, hmmm.... Today I don't actually have anything to say.

I'm going to a work do in a few hours (I have been thinking of that more than politics). Perhaps that has taken too much of my thinking. Or perhaps the news is just too slow!

On a personal level though I have found a solution to my previous problem (last few posts) that is almost good enough to appreciate having had the problem. A grounding stone I keep with me I now have to have when I sleep as well and in general, I am feeling a lot better. A little bit of sleep paralysis yesterday (only a few seconds of not being able to get out of a dream) and I felt secure the grounding stone would protect me... Thus my sleep is better.

I don't know how this work do is going to go but, my workplace is majority female, or more accurately, it is actually 50 - 50 but because the women talk and the men do not so much, plus previously the management was completely female, the workplace feels as thought it is majority female.

Personal stuff is going on recently that does not really fit into this blog though. Tomorrow, the moon is conjunct Pluto plus it is my birthday, and on my birthday I usually feel a small bump of a present 'from the creator' and something good luck happens. So perhaps there will be some interesting news tomorrow. Also, I will say again, the lunar (closing) eclipse is on Monday.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Analysing my astrology. Sesquisquares and paranoia.

So I have to retrace my steps a bit:

After the thing to do with mistaken sleep masturbation here [link], I got ungrounded. Normally the best way for me to deal with women is to allow my sex drive in relation to them to do part of the thinking. When the grounded energy leaves me I can get a bit paranoid and I will point out where in my chart this is, from my post also following that incident [link]:
Or I could receive a large donation from a girl I know, and then have that followed up with skimpy clothing.

Regardless of previous experience with women, and these are a bit bizarre, this is clearly unlikely. Which I stated at the time. But I just wanted to say that the pattern of women is to try and use their bodies to gain resources, not give resources.

Although other behaviour I summarised in this section was pretty weird and did not have a relation to money, possibly this was the result of youth.
There is no code for women as I studiously apply to other areas of my life..
This is true for me and can be seen in my chart. My Mars that conjuncts my Sun trines to a Uranus/ Moon in the ninth house. This leads me to a lot of theorising in relation to global trends, free market and the like, metaphysics, revolution and karma. Venus though is SESQUISQUARE Uranus/ Moon. This means that any attempt to being these two together will result in paranoia. Since the Uranus Moon is so strong a part of my life this is a very easy thing to do when ungrounded.

So not only is there no code for women, any attempt to create one will create extreme paranoia for me. Unsurprisingly Pick Up Artist related stuff has never created anything positive in my life and did actually create some extreme paranoia previously.

My Venus does actually link through Pluto that creates a different kind of theorising. But this isn't so much theorising and philosophy as much as it is experience! This is why a lot of the time when I say things some women are offended just by my experience. Someone speaking clearly about Venus - Pluto, and Pluto in the seventh, is likely to cause distress to feminists who believe, as society encourages them to believe, that women are all angelic and men are all demon- rapists.

I am a bit wound up and tired and unable to continue the blog for the moment. As I return to a grounded state and de- stress a bit I should be able to blog properly again. I actually have things to say but my thoughts are all over the place.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Small thing.

[Non publish on twitter and facebook] Another thing I have to mention but have put off for a few hours for obvious reasons.

As recorded on this blog I keep to certain practices I believe relate to metaphysical energies, one of these is not masturbating. I have managed to completely stop that activity and have a healthy root chakra etc.

However, tonight I slipped in that I ejaculated during my sleep! I was dreaming and sort of knew what I was doing and sort of didn't.

So I have the negative energy effect of this but not the intention of having done it! So I did not think I was being a hypocrite but apparently, I have been unable to relax until I post this.

The way I am going to handle this is to sleep with a grounding stone. I believe my self is trying to take flight from the grounded reality and that is why I am having this problem!

The normal stoppage I keep on porn slipped slightly as I remembered the girl in my last post. I imagined meeting a girl and wanted to see if I could get porn on my android... I can't! So I would not be able to explain such fantasies to a girl that I might like.

So stopping that as well!

Adding a paypal button/ Strange times.

(This blog has been highlighted as potentially being a bit paranoid in a later one the next day here:
Analysing my astrology. Sesquisquares and paranoia.)
When I was younger, I cannot remember the precise timing but probably roughly about 2004 - 2007, a fantastically beautiful girl harassed me for several years. One of the most physically attractive girls I have ever met in my life. The process was very weird however, it was a Venus- Pluto experience! I was introduced intensely, to a concept that women were sexual creatures; that my younger life had been missing due to my mother flirting with feminism! I genuinely believed women were asexual creatures before this point and I suppressed my sex drive accordingly (because if women do not want sex it is not useful to have a sex drive).

This programming and behaviour has lead to general coldness towards girls in my early life, perhaps until this experience.

In general this has become how things work out with me and women. There is a kind of power game for long periods of time where there is nothing, nothing, nothing in terms of positive attention from the girl. This is even on a friendship level. Then out of nowhere I get incredibly intense and direct sexuality, and have it taken incredibly personally if it is perceived to be rejected... All or nothing!. Then... bang... it's gone. The girl disappears from my life. Into the dust and ether doth she return!

Of note though is that my current workplace seems to have relatively sane girls. It is fairly female centric although two males in management roles is shifting it back more into the centre.

On top of this, my diabetes causes a lot of stress in my life and I simply have to allow paranoid thoughts to run themselves out in my mind. I am not a person who gets so wound up about things that I have to apply those understandings physically. I do not go and beat up someone I suspect of having talked behind my back for instance. Many times my mind entertains thoughts quite inaccurate, and as my bloodsugars work out and perhaps when I get some sleep (and experience real life) these straighten out.

It is against this background that I am going to muse on some things!

I am going to add a paypal donate button to my site. Or am I? Firstly, I do not as of yet expect even one person to donate. If I do receive donations will these change my mind? A few very unlikely hypotheticals here is that I could receive donation after donation from Muslims. Then I would be less likely to criticise Islam (or would I?). Or I could receive a large donation from a girl I know, and then have that followed up with skimpy clothing.

Unlikely... However, in my life female behaviour cannot be predicted. The codes that apply to others do not seem to apply to me. I get attention from absolutely drop dead gorgeous girls I do not consider them above me. I get screwed over sometimes and have in the past by less attractive girls than that, who seem, by appearance, to consider me beneath them! The many opinions on female behaviour have never applied to me. I have never seen them in girls/ women. There is no code for women as I studiously apply to other areas of my life. I can handle coldness from females because I am used to it. I do not find it so easy to handle sudden escalations in implied physicality.

Some youtubers, quite a few actually, avoid having a paypal. If they receive a large donation and a message to do a certain video some feel that is being used for someone elses agenda. So they stick with Patreaon. Which is now being rebelled against post Southern.

Oh the drama.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Snails pace news/ The coming change.

My blog yesterday got quite a lot of views, comparatively, and those people probably liked what they read as well because the blog entries below that had additional views to yesterday as well (best I can remember).

This is strange because it was a very personal blog, with a lot of my own personal feelings rather than what I would assume people are interested in... which would be politics.

Politics! Politics is getting boring. I am losing interest in the to's and fro's of dealing with the European Union. The thing that captures my attention is doing things that hurt progressives, doing sudden things and having them yell and whine and cry. Like when the Brexit vote happened! But the negotiations now are far away from causing any distress for the EU and remainers it seems to me. Immigration is continuing for the moment, and while it continues the remainers and EU believe they can keep it going. Either immigration stops now or it is not going to stop as far as I am concerned.

The government looks weak to me. If Nigel Farage was on the Brexit negotiation team I would be confident that something is going to happen and the whining butthurt from the so called adults in the European Union would be emotionally satisfying!

I had a lot of ideas yesterday about... Wondering if the Stefan Molyneux views of women and sexual market value etc. could also be applied to men! ... and that men when they are younger have an attractiveness that is best applied to finding a girl that is not a psychopath and wasting that time chasing a girl that is a psychopath, (no matter how attractive she might be) is their equivalent. Although the ideas were clear yesterday I have had my bloodsugars rise up over night (leading to stress that shifts my perspective!) ... I am going to have to literally count every strand of pasta before I cook it (or weigh it) and find the exact right insulin amount via blood testing! I am getting closer to success in that way, I now have a new bloodsugar machine and my last one was malfunctioning and temperamental! So it is going to be easier to take records.

The coming change:

I have been thinking of the amount of things that will likely change in any coming change:
  • Extra terrestials, both positive and negative will be introduced to the general populace.
  • Realities of underground civilisations will become known.
  • New technology will become known. Such as anti gravity, healing etc.
  • Slave colonies on Mars will become a thing.
  • Civilisations and agencies that live on the moon will become known.
  • People that were thought of as dead but were actually abducted to other planets will become known, and will return home.
  • Proper ways of thinking will become known. Such as maths and spirituality. This will have big further effects on peoples psyche!
  • Satanic paedophiles in our government will become known, and probably arrested, possibly executed.
  • Psychic abilities once learned about will become far more common and powerful. Psychic suppressants like fluoride will stop. Increased health will help these abilities. 
  • Health will improve
This is going to be quite a lot of change. Wars will stop, people will be able to get therapy (Later edit... What? I wrote that unconsciously... Therapy? Not like, good nutrition and medical treatment!) and will stop dying from poverty. 

Also, the amazing amount of destruction these patterns have caused will be a black hole that needs to be filled with something. Anti aging will become a thing. All the people who get to middle age and realise they have been too sexually restrictive will be able to de- age and do that again, if they want, or perhaps some of them might want to pursue a legitimate spirituality. The emotional impact of returning family members from black projects will be immense! The amount of people that are disabled and who can now pursue a relationship or career who previously could not or did not will be huge!

However, we are getting there at a snails pace. Uranus is the planet that is rebelling against the cabal (Saturn and Pluto) and it is soon to go retrograde. So the inner workings of Gaia, whatever they might be, and other alliance groups, may experience some friction.

Watching David Wilcocks Cosmic Disclosure the other day Pete Peterson was again talking about his friends  maths system that creates a lot of positive changes for society and the individual. There is no ETA on when this book is going to be released or anything close to a time... I find this rude! When talking to Gaia about this via email you end up talking to someone who has no idea themselves. Which is not helpful. I find Gaia to be arrogant!

We'll see if Uranus retrograde gives the alliance some inward looking realisation to actually push to change things, rather than coming up with these agreements with the cabal which seem like things will change but that nothing actually does!