Saturday, 5 August 2017

Political change/ misrepresentation of women in society.

I feel personally, that the world, and my reality are cold, dark and not capable of improving!

Very dark feelings.

But then there's not much I can do about that is there? There is not much any of us can do about that. I do want to mention one thing though, the bad dream and feeling I complained about last blog/ earlier today could have been a 'download' so to speak. I feel as though there's too much information in my mind to hold and that will likely slowly unravel unravelled.

There have been, like I said earlier, important political developments. I mentioned yesterday about getting a 'gift from the creator' and these few things really do seem very much like they do effect the global game, and some that are just interesting anyway:

YouTube: Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Ancient Aliens from the Future - Corey Goode 

I couldn't watch much past the Law of Attraction stuff about 45 min through the video. However, Corey almost never has updates since I've subscribed to him. He might have kicked it into gear along with some others that I'll get to, because of the coming eclipse. In this video he discusses how due to the Mandela effect we may have previously had things like nuclear strikes in America but none of us remember it.

Super weird stuff. But I can navigate through it comfortably with a set of theories that don't put me in a very good stead!

Anyway moving on:

When I got home from my work event the other day, David Wilcocks facebook:
  1. I am putting together an update to explain what has gone on in the last few months and why I didn't write any articles or release any new videos during that time.
    In short, I needed to recover from 20 years of being in non-stop emergency mode... i.e. a workaholic -- and deal with a variety of things that were getting left behind.
    As a result I have been through a very significant healing process and have gotten my inspiration back.
    I would still prefer not to be a public figure at all, but I will get back on the horse ASAP with a new update!
David is going to update soon as well, and he always has another perspective on things.

And... Look, just LOOK at this:

Definitely in the stars that last one. Nigel and the Solar Eclipse!

However, here's what I want to talk about in this specific post, here is a point I want to make:

Here is a mainstream media article that summarises the sociological problem in how society views women... In my opinion of course:

I did do a little careful picking to get this article because the Daily Mail was, what I consider, fairly on the money here [link] and the Telegraph had the same message as Huffpost but said far more cleverly. Earlier on today when searching the subject the same kind of crappy article with the following reasons came up a few times, although I actually approved of the first part of the article that stated that women cheat as often as men but simply do not get caught as often:

From Why Women Cheat: 5 Reasons For Female Infidelity
  1. She feels underappreciated, neglected, or ignored.  
  2. She craves intimacy. 
  3. She is bored and/or lonely. 
  4. She never feels fully loved and appreciated. 
  5. She has an intimacy disorder. 
Except when you actually go through the posts of women who have cheated [link], the stories are not to do with those reasons.

Try this one for instance [link] or this [link]

OK, so the second one there is a bit 'storyfied' but it could be true. Here's another:

I'm guessing then since that last one was into porn, she does not fit anywhere into those five categories.

It seems to me that the reason a lot of women cheat is because... They want to, they are not particularly good people and don't have a commitment to ethics! Another one of those stories is where the woman got out of control drunk and her husband passed out so she slept with six guys on her wedding night. [link]

So why are these sorts of cases not represented in more mainstream articles? Because, if it is the case that it is somehow the mans fault that the relationship goes sour then men, if they can do everything "perfectly" are not getting a raw deal.

If on the other hand women are just cheating... Because they prefer to. Because the system of law is slanted in their favour so there are no consequences, then, well then what?

Well, if men are not getting anything out of society then there is no reason for them to commit to it! If society doesn't convince men to work and further convince them they are getting something back from it then it will not survive. If there are no consequences for women, but there ARE consequences for men for this sort of behaviour. Then do they want to pay tax to keep this system going?

I don't think they do.

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