Sunday, 6 August 2017

Earthquake's and eclipses/ Other tidbits.

Hmmm. Yesterday I had not realised that the emotions I talked about in the first part of my blog would be broadcast over facebook!

I will be very careful about my first few words in the future.

Look at this:

Amazon: Great American Eclipse: Earth Quakes and Tsunami

If the pattern of seismic activity seen in the Great Eclipses of 1999 and 2009 is repeated in the Great American Eclipse of 2017, then either one or a series of potential major quakes of magnitude 6 to a megathrust of magnitude 9 could happen a week to three months after the eclipse. A second wave of seismic episodes of the same potential magnitude could follow 8 to 18 months after the eclipse. Less frequent but no less damaging episodes of quakes and tsunamis could take place as late as 2 to 5 years after the moon’s shadow on 21 August 2017 had touched future epicenters inside these four seismically sensitive zones.
No earth quakes in England in 1999 but still, I'm sure Mr Hogue's data withstands scrutiny!

Zerohedge has followed this up with an article of a quake that looks like it's soon to erupt!:

Zerohedge: 1400-Quake Swarm Prompts Question "If Yellowstone Erupted, What Would Be Left?"

There's something about that 1400 number!

Daily Express is reporting that Britain will pay "no more than £36 Billion"... Weird times. Speechless.

Stillness in the Storm is reporting a 1000 person sex trafficking bust that includes law enforcement and clergy.

So that's the general run down. Am not able to keep up with my reading of those articles until later though!

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