Friday, 4 August 2017

No news, personal meandering.

Well, hmmm.... Today I don't actually have anything to say.

I'm going to a work do in a few hours (I have been thinking of that more than politics). Perhaps that has taken too much of my thinking. Or perhaps the news is just too slow!

On a personal level though I have found a solution to my previous problem (last few posts) that is almost good enough to appreciate having had the problem. A grounding stone I keep with me I now have to have when I sleep as well and in general, I am feeling a lot better. A little bit of sleep paralysis yesterday (only a few seconds of not being able to get out of a dream) and I felt secure the grounding stone would protect me... Thus my sleep is better.

I don't know how this work do is going to go but, my workplace is majority female, or more accurately, it is actually 50 - 50 but because the women talk and the men do not so much, plus previously the management was completely female, the workplace feels as thought it is majority female.

Personal stuff is going on recently that does not really fit into this blog though. Tomorrow, the moon is conjunct Pluto plus it is my birthday, and on my birthday I usually feel a small bump of a present 'from the creator' and something good luck happens. So perhaps there will be some interesting news tomorrow. Also, I will say again, the lunar (closing) eclipse is on Monday.

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