Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Snails pace news/ The coming change.

My blog yesterday got quite a lot of views, comparatively, and those people probably liked what they read as well because the blog entries below that had additional views to yesterday as well (best I can remember).

This is strange because it was a very personal blog, with a lot of my own personal feelings rather than what I would assume people are interested in... which would be politics.

Politics! Politics is getting boring. I am losing interest in the to's and fro's of dealing with the European Union. The thing that captures my attention is doing things that hurt progressives, doing sudden things and having them yell and whine and cry. Like when the Brexit vote happened! But the negotiations now are far away from causing any distress for the EU and remainers it seems to me. Immigration is continuing for the moment, and while it continues the remainers and EU believe they can keep it going. Either immigration stops now or it is not going to stop as far as I am concerned.

The government looks weak to me. If Nigel Farage was on the Brexit negotiation team I would be confident that something is going to happen and the whining butthurt from the so called adults in the European Union would be emotionally satisfying!

I had a lot of ideas yesterday about... Wondering if the Stefan Molyneux views of women and sexual market value etc. could also be applied to men! ... and that men when they are younger have an attractiveness that is best applied to finding a girl that is not a psychopath and wasting that time chasing a girl that is a psychopath, (no matter how attractive she might be) is their equivalent. Although the ideas were clear yesterday I have had my bloodsugars rise up over night (leading to stress that shifts my perspective!) ... I am going to have to literally count every strand of pasta before I cook it (or weigh it) and find the exact right insulin amount via blood testing! I am getting closer to success in that way, I now have a new bloodsugar machine and my last one was malfunctioning and temperamental! So it is going to be easier to take records.

The coming change:

I have been thinking of the amount of things that will likely change in any coming change:
  • Extra terrestials, both positive and negative will be introduced to the general populace.
  • Realities of underground civilisations will become known.
  • New technology will become known. Such as anti gravity, healing etc.
  • Slave colonies on Mars will become a thing.
  • Civilisations and agencies that live on the moon will become known.
  • People that were thought of as dead but were actually abducted to other planets will become known, and will return home.
  • Proper ways of thinking will become known. Such as maths and spirituality. This will have big further effects on peoples psyche!
  • Satanic paedophiles in our government will become known, and probably arrested, possibly executed.
  • Psychic abilities once learned about will become far more common and powerful. Psychic suppressants like fluoride will stop. Increased health will help these abilities. 
  • Health will improve
This is going to be quite a lot of change. Wars will stop, people will be able to get therapy (Later edit... What? I wrote that unconsciously... Therapy? Not like, good nutrition and medical treatment!) and will stop dying from poverty. 

Also, the amazing amount of destruction these patterns have caused will be a black hole that needs to be filled with something. Anti aging will become a thing. All the people who get to middle age and realise they have been too sexually restrictive will be able to de- age and do that again, if they want, or perhaps some of them might want to pursue a legitimate spirituality. The emotional impact of returning family members from black projects will be immense! The amount of people that are disabled and who can now pursue a relationship or career who previously could not or did not will be huge!

However, we are getting there at a snails pace. Uranus is the planet that is rebelling against the cabal (Saturn and Pluto) and it is soon to go retrograde. So the inner workings of Gaia, whatever they might be, and other alliance groups, may experience some friction.

Watching David Wilcocks Cosmic Disclosure the other day Pete Peterson was again talking about his friends  maths system that creates a lot of positive changes for society and the individual. There is no ETA on when this book is going to be released or anything close to a time... I find this rude! When talking to Gaia about this via email you end up talking to someone who has no idea themselves. Which is not helpful. I find Gaia to be arrogant!

We'll see if Uranus retrograde gives the alliance some inward looking realisation to actually push to change things, rather than coming up with these agreements with the cabal which seem like things will change but that nothing actually does!

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