Thursday, 3 August 2017

Analysing my astrology. Sesquisquares and paranoia.

So I have to retrace my steps a bit:

After the thing to do with mistaken sleep masturbation here [link], I got ungrounded. Normally the best way for me to deal with women is to allow my sex drive in relation to them to do part of the thinking. When the grounded energy leaves me I can get a bit paranoid and I will point out where in my chart this is, from my post also following that incident [link]:
Or I could receive a large donation from a girl I know, and then have that followed up with skimpy clothing.

Regardless of previous experience with women, and these are a bit bizarre, this is clearly unlikely. Which I stated at the time. But I just wanted to say that the pattern of women is to try and use their bodies to gain resources, not give resources.

Although other behaviour I summarised in this section was pretty weird and did not have a relation to money, possibly this was the result of youth.
There is no code for women as I studiously apply to other areas of my life..
This is true for me and can be seen in my chart. My Mars that conjuncts my Sun trines to a Uranus/ Moon in the ninth house. This leads me to a lot of theorising in relation to global trends, free market and the like, metaphysics, revolution and karma. Venus though is SESQUISQUARE Uranus/ Moon. This means that any attempt to being these two together will result in paranoia. Since the Uranus Moon is so strong a part of my life this is a very easy thing to do when ungrounded.

So not only is there no code for women, any attempt to create one will create extreme paranoia for me. Unsurprisingly Pick Up Artist related stuff has never created anything positive in my life and did actually create some extreme paranoia previously.

My Venus does actually link through Pluto that creates a different kind of theorising. But this isn't so much theorising and philosophy as much as it is experience! This is why a lot of the time when I say things some women are offended just by my experience. Someone speaking clearly about Venus - Pluto, and Pluto in the seventh, is likely to cause distress to feminists who believe, as society encourages them to believe, that women are all angelic and men are all demon- rapists.

I am a bit wound up and tired and unable to continue the blog for the moment. As I return to a grounded state and de- stress a bit I should be able to blog properly again. I actually have things to say but my thoughts are all over the place.

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