Monday, 7 August 2017

Female vanity.

My we are living in strange times. I had so many high minded and philosophical thoughts late last night, all ready for quite a powerful blog. However, then I weighed my food, recorded my insulin level and woke up in the morning with very high bloodsugars (diabetic).

Thus, the anxiety broke my concentration.

That blog, that owes a great deal to the effect of todays eclipse, will probably be written at a later date. The information and emotions are still inside me but I cannot access them.

However I still have something to say.

Yesterday I showed Lauren Southern to a family friend and the effect was very good. Her main video is a message to young women, a video I would not normally watch. However, it contained an interesting fact in it... Women that have had more than ten sexual partners on their wedding day are NINETEEN times more likely to divorce than women who are virgins while for men, there is no statistical difference.

I think I can explain that, and very easily.

My experience of women that have slept around a lot is that they are simply not as nice as women that have not... Because they are vain (But only in relation to potential romantic relationships not otherwise). If you consider what sex actually indicates for a woman, they experience first hand that despite whatever doubts they may have about their attractiveness, (and even models have those) that there is no reason for them to doubt. That the men who are poking them very much desire them and the men are completely under the womans control.

This leads to a vanity on the womans behalf. This is the effect I get from such women. They simply expect you to bend your knee and worship them or fulfil some requirement that they have cooked up in their minds. They give absolutely nothing but they seem to be of the opinion from their implying that they have, or will, give something that they have given a great deal.

This sort of things must chip away at relationships. While women who do not have that history look directly at you and talk to you like a human being!... Radical!

Of course this expectation by such women will be fulfilled by the type of guy that wants to screw her and not much more! They have had the practice at that. While the guy who is not willing to sacrifice his self respect to grab her bits, possibly those that are more intelligent, and more likely to settle into a stable relationship, will not be bothered with this game.

An interesting sociological tidbit but not really ultimately meaningful in that it does not actually effect anything in the real world. Until some sort of karma is visited upon these women to derail that vanity, possibly in the form of them lying to themselves more and having that challenged by societal change. Nothing in this area will move forward.

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