Monday, 31 August 2015


I have seen 6:17 three times just now. (Perhaps because it is 6:17 and I used three different clocks.

6:17: A favourite of mine. In tces it is when Joshua Starr FINISHES WORK; and in the bible, revelations 6:17 goes something like (from memory): For god's wrath has arrived on the earth, whom shall be able to stand?

I had a difficult yesterday. Positive entities, and yes I am quite sure they are positive, wore me down in thoughts about the girl I sometimes talk about. Then, after a few hours of unbroken waring of my mind, something snapped, like a light switch going off and I forgot about here, felt less pressured about some things, and forewent my plan to phone her and ask her out (again!)

Good times. They both came from a similar sort of guidance. Perhaps one came from entities of a certain vibration who were like 'let's make this guy access his feelings/ life path' whereas the second come from a higher vibration of 'no, he's in a difficult spot, that's not the game'.

It probably was that since that idea randomly came up while I was writing this.

Or it could have been a bunch of other things. Perhaps the fact the girl has a missed call (i.e. went to voicemail) and I don't currently have plans to phone back is part of it. Or perhaps something positive was planned and it abruptly got switched off when an entity of positive polarity realised the negative had made too great an infringement. (I have realised part of the negatives game, those images I used to get when I was very young have always had a technical/ AI quality to them and I suspect it is entities of non positive polarity playing with the recievers head!

One part of this strange rabbit hole for me is repeatedly realising how much attention I am getting, which is not a big deal since I have gotten into it by free will, but how much attention, (especially negative) I have ALWAYS gotten. When I really do feel quite insignificant.

I suspect my diabetes type 1 is what kept me off the MILABS radar. High bloodsugars really switches off my psychic/ archetypal ability, and before the age of 11 it was undiagnosed but I felt it still there [I was diagnosed 11 January 1998 to my recollection

Regardless, DOW futures are down, tomorrow should be... SHOULD BE... Another round of carnage. It only takes a few margin debts or a company going un-coverupably insolvent, for it all too unravel. China is not letting up, and they were bombed again that just shows how desperate the US/ EU/ Cabal is.

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