Friday, 14 August 2015

The Mad Hatter.

I'm in an interesting position. Everything seems thoroughly guided, even for a fifth density entity I don't seem to have a lot of freedom to seperate from a kind of 'channeled' wisdom. Perhaps channeled is the wrong word. 'Authentic' perhaps.

I have no reputation when I'm on here. Nothing I say will ever come back to me in terms of lost revenue, and it is with this in mind I say this.

I am irrelevant. Really.

But this is my experience. For the last few days I've been a bit drowsy and tired. Today, I was pushing my energy up since I felt a bit stuck and realised it is time to go and buy that baseball bat (for protection in case of any coming crash). I'll also need a knife as well.

Now is this a case of me backing up my own ideas with feelings, or is it something else. Regardless, I brought a decaf latte (decaf soya venti Latte, with 3 brown sugars, 2 non aspartame sweeteners, vanilla and cinnamon, lol. There is something good about neoliberalism). Anyway, I knew this crash is going to happen soon. I just knew. I can't describe it exactly. Other than I knew.

It all worked very in tune with my energy field even though I thought protection even in the face of legitimate attack was neg polarised. Either there are positive adaptions or that was not quite correct.

Regardless. It all makes sense, me and this message. I have outlined how session 69 and to a lesser extent Martin Luther Kings story has had an impact on my theories of how sometimes negative polarity is necessary in a bad situation. This all seems rather inevitable, in a negatively polarised environment (not harshly but definitely a bit when you move to higher concerns) positive polarity is not always completely possible. These are adaptions, and the FEEL right.

I wonder, if this crash does happen like I think it's going to (I will confess I feel it to be tomorrow but obviously am not stating that as a fact) then a lot of people after this will have had to stare fear and death in the face. A lot of communities and people will have been pulled together in times of need (like the second world war). That I think, when there is positivity about, Will be a gift; it will make people appreciate life more! :).

(The drama from yesterday is not quite understood I don't think. It could have destroyed America, turned it's political system to the equivalent of an autistic child walking circles.)

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