Sunday, 16 August 2015

Basics in prep.

(Started as a facebook note):
The facebook crowd who will see this are probably not as into grand economic pronouncements and conspiracy theories as those on twitter. However, essentially, if you have seen my facebook you probably know that I think a grand crash is on the way so these are some (very basic) preparatory measures.

How long are you prepping for? Who knows. If the stock market crashes, there are 'bail ins'. People don't have money, water, electricity and whatever else. It's not an exact science predicting the future. Here are some basic ideas if you do decide to prep a little (I guess about three days, my prep would last longer):

1) Personal medications and things. Probably not needed for 90% of people but important for the occasional diabetic or asthmatic (I have a lot of ginger beer for hypoglycemia)

2) Water, if electricity goes off, water is important. We can survive about three days without water. You can drink rainwater and you can drink your own urine (sometimes people have survived on this last method when others in the same situation have died)

3) The most important food requirement is carbohydrate for energy. How much will we be able to cook? That is an important question. Nevertheless, rice, potatoes (possibly tinned), oats, dried milk?

4) Tinned fruit and vegetables. Matching it to your own diet is important. So I have a lot of tinned fish for protein that is a dietary requirement.

5) Salt, sugar, matches.

6) Basic sanitation like tissues and babywipes.

7) Light. Torches that don't break easily. Heat if you live in a cold area.

8) Weapons in case it gets bad.

Also, if there are 'bail ins' and the government takes money from citizens accounts to save itself. You may want to keep most of your cash outside that account.

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