Monday, 31 August 2015

VOIDED: Public warning. What's going on with the stock market. (Dumping on ordinary folk).

Edit: Voided this post at the end.

Firstly, they're all in it together, The Federal Reserve, Corporations and banks.

The DOW is currently in this pattern where it is apparently going well, the FED say they are going to raise interest rates, the stock market crashes, then they say, 'oh no, maybe we won't.' And the DOW gains the points it has lost. (With peculiar anomalies.)

So, to put method to this madness (the cabal always pretends to be thick!) The FED says it will raise interest rates. The Stock market tumbles because the corporations are DUMPING TOXIC ASSETS. I.e. Exchange traded funds, a financial instrument that takes in a little of everything and cannot be sold when the stock market is too volatile. Which has less liquidity than it is advertised to.

They then buy up certain financial tools that make the stock market LOOK as though it is going up. I.e. S&P tools. Which basically bet that on average the stock market will go up.

The reason this is important is because banks may be buying up this toxic debt and dumping it on the small investor. I have no evidence on this, but if someone has control over your money, and is investing it on your behalf. Now is the time to potentially pull out. I'm sure even some at Bring4th will have this arrangement.

Of course this is not sustainable long term. At some point they will lose control and some commodity or financial move will set the game off (like dumping of treasuries, oil price lowering, or other domino), this will then set off 'margin debt', which is apparently impossible to control once it unravels.

(I am voiding this post because there seems to be other ideas amongst people that know more of what they are talking about!)

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