Friday, 28 August 2015

General thoughts:

A) In the EU they're having this problem with asylum seekers from Libya flowing into Greece and then into Europe.

Pretty nasty this. Just letting boats sink and people die. I think the world is ready for this whole game to change a little

B) Stocks not up to much. Rallied, but they always do in crashes. 666 turned up again and apparently it's a number that shows up far too often for some traders to be comfortable. (The 666's turned up before and during rallies!)

C) Retained lower energies. Not only am I not releasing those energies but I have managed to move my way out of even THINKING sexual thoughts. Partly because my 'spirit' is a little uncomfortable. Prioritising 'love' in encounters really helps here because it's different from the 'dark' vibration of sexuality for me.

Anyway, there is a concrete benefit. I am feeling more grounded and able to deal with the world. The benefit I get from this is a testament to how little energy naturally flows that way for me anyway. If I was 'switched on' spirit wise, it might be more.

D) Lovely dream tonight. Played music and met a girl, went home with her, love was there but not completely acknowledged. I theorise my dreams do this to me (and being in romantic love is the strongest repetitive dream I have, and the most intense) I figure my dreams exercise that part of my energy in the dream since it is neglected in real life.

When I am walking about in the day I'm in a stuck and unpleasant place heart chakra wise. This isn't 'unforgiving', there are friendships; but I'm basically uncomfortable.

E) I have increased my 'prep' somewhat after all the recent 'hijinx'. Damian McBride said enough 'food and water for one month without leaving the house'. I'm not really near that level for two people but I am getting a bit more stuff. Bear in mind that  I'm not using that much space so it actually probably isn't that much. (I don't have a 'store cupboard' for this stuff). I have mentioned it a few times to many, many others but people are not listening so... Either way really.

If they came to me in such an event after not 'prepping' I would be pretty pissed, I'd have to work out how to deal with that. Because emotional manipulation would be rife.

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