Thursday, 13 August 2015

A dream reposted.

I previously wrote this dream up here and took it down. The reason was because I was worried it was giving me bad advice. (I have today got a physical sign of something to do with neg greeting however this could just be coincidence. It turned up once before at an opportune moment.)

But I just had a thought. As with my other dreams, perhaps when something negative happens in a dream it is not because that dream is negative but that it is passing comment on negative events that have/ are happening. This is where truth and polarity get confused. Because if something bad is happening and you talk about it truthfully from a 3D perspective you are being unloving. But, you are also being truthful. (This is simplistic).

So here was the dream:

  • Trying to transport myself to a crystal by a kind of entering it in as a URL in real life process
  • With a group of people, some of them under a duvet, when the meat gets around to me it is filthy and I don't want to clean it up. It is clear however, that everyone else expects me to, but I feel I had no part in creating it. The interaction ends after that.
  • Girl next to me whom we decide are each others soulmates, she is a little overweight. When we leave it becomes obvious to me that we aren't.
  • David Icke and a little suggested George Galloway saying it is important they stay on Twitter since they are still waking people up
So, here goes, this is commenting upon and not extrapolating advice as before:
  • One of these friends in this group with the duvet was a facebook friend, it is perhaps pointing to the fact these people are 'asleep' and simply that, the comment.
  • The meat represents karma. And the karma is a kind of animalism like meat. I was expected to clear it up because that's what people expect of me and have a sense of entitlement as though it is just obvious I should clean it up, to suggest it should be them isn't in their mindset.
  • The girl, several things: This girl I'm talking about with a layer of fat as in animalism, and a link to a previous girl I felt was a soulmate but decided wasn't. This girl whom was 6D, was OK at a level of vibration a bit lower for me 'Christianity' (not necessarily because Christianity is implicitly lower but it is a get-out-of-wisdom-free-card for me), however, even during those times in times of real healing it became obvious something was mismatched.
  • There was a thought in the dream that it was selfish to go with this girl if my mind was involved with another girl. Like I couldn't 'give' of myself.
  • David Icke and Twitter I'm not sure about, it was similar to how I commented to someone young on George Gallways twitter about Tianjin. (I feel a little alarm when speaking with the young since they think they know so much but usually don't have a breadth of knowledge and end up saying cultish and stupid things) Perhaps again, just a comment.
This process to me is one that is not connected with my higher self much, it did not FEEL amazing, only that it included a lot of other people and probably accurate guidance. I feel at some point I have been 'scooped out' a little and now my dreams pick up other peoples stuff easily. Although this was always the case a little, I would always get dreams with others like this.

Another thing, during this dream I was with a girl and it didn't go well. If you meet someone who is actually meant for you but there is a lack of forgiveness you can genuinely feel the person has noting to do with you. As has been the case before for me. Another thing the dream was highlighting perhaps. (IMO Not meeting a person under that circumstance is preferable to meeting and there being an increased blockage from the encounter.)

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