Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Back to basics.

Dreams, I have had a dream with a girl that was essentially right wing.

And thinking of my own situation with the girl, I realise some 'employment tendencies' would probably put her on the right.

Obviously, since it is an issue to me, I try and work out on what basis she puts me down in her mind, or I don't work it out this time it has been presented to me.

To what end? I don't know, if there is an inner 'magnet' and feeling of positive entity approval and connectedness that leads me in that direction it is hardly going to switch off. However, it is perhaps the only way I can function with Pluto in the seventh house (to have insights into others darkness).

Perhaps even a Conservative voter. If you don't acknowledge negative forces and put down others on a 'law of attraction' basis then you can justify that sort of thing.

(Although my inability to get a job is not helped by not being able to positively polarise. If I relax into polarity I get the strong intuitions to contact or call her. I have played very little music, not meditated and done less astrology because of this problem.)

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