Sunday, 23 August 2015

Strange list.

I do wonder, as a purely theoretical idea I could add Buddha to my record of 'lives'. It would make sense, although it is not really that interesting or useful to me. These are all very impressive lives but the force going through me could easily have achieved any of them.

Buddha, leaves home and ascends... Adam Smith... Does the OPPOSITE. He is rich and tries to apply his wisdom to the mainstream (as though the emotion he had over from wanting to stay at home surfaced in that life). Shelley (whose poetry predicts in small ways the LoO), Gogh... Then with his problems probs with a fifth density girl probs chooses a sixth in his next life.

It is not definitely true, in fact, it is unlikely to be true, it's just an idea that came up.

(This is an interesting correlation but not true. I need the clarity of just this life atm.)

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