Monday, 17 August 2015

A horrifying insight.

The girl I have been talking about, there is only one explanation I can come up with.
she must have consciously known it all. Known the soulmate stuff was true, and the pain it was causing, all of it. Right from the getgo, the first moments when things were going wrong.

It is the only explanation. And while I was trying to stay attached to my inner self and positive entities, she was freely turning against hers without compromise (she had a lot of contact with UFO's.)

So when I previously made ideas that she was into black magick to try and explain things, it was probably me recieving the positive energy now converted negative, i.e. not white magick, that she was psychicly sending.

There is no other explanation.

Plus that it would be good for her if I died somehow.

The LoO specified that when an entity is polarised service to self by another, they gain sts polarity through the desire to get back at the person that originally 'enslaved' them. (I am not specifying anything illegal here, especially a Libran seventh house).

Any service to self 'crutches' to avoid things will have to fall apart at some point in the future.

I seriously feel sick.

(With Pluto in the seventh insights about 'the other' are the way to go. Just a couple more like this.)
Another one my intuition insisted on was that she has probably read every blog. Either karma doesn't exist or she is in for a world of pain.

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