Sunday, 9 August 2015


Someone is saying something about he coming 'market crash' in September. If you say anything logical like 'Why in September, what financial reason'. People are like... Have you looked at SHEMITAH.

Explained. Done. Jewish end date somethink. Shemitah. Yeah, aren't we great.

SHEMITAH sounds vaguely like 'Charlatan' to me. But that aside. Let's look at this. According to this article ( at the 'Eluj 29' moment there is meant to be a relinquising of debts. 

But how does that square with a stock market crash?

Perhaps, the article does make a bit of a case that on the two solar eclipses September 12th 1931 and September 23rd 1987 were absolutely HUGE crashes. September 17th 2001 - 684 point drop and September 29th 2008 (Shemitah years every seven years) 777 Points.

ALL of these were influenced strongly by the cabal. They could choose when Lehman fell and before 2008 they had complete control over the markets.

If forgiveness is meant to be happening on September 13th 2015 then there will be a lot of political change that has to happen first.

Personally I'm still going with it will happen sooner.

It was the last 'blood moon' tetrad in late September. The last blood moon we had the AIIB announced. It seems to me a genuine prophecy will 'build up' rather than 'tear down'. Perhaps stocks will fall before that and that's when a new financial system will start to take shape.

For a look at some of the info. around, look at this, for me this is not at all good evidence for 'Shemitah' and a market crash (

3 Excerpts:

3- Jade Helm’s conclusion which falls on the 15th... Me: So?

9- Some french politician or scientist said in 2013 that we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos. Coincidentally these 500 days end on September 24 Me: HOLY CRAP. SOME CLIMATE SCIENTISTS MADE ANOTHER PREDICTION ON THE FUTURE.

11- A lot of Muslim clerics are predicting the return of their Mahdi in September this year. Also interesting to note is a prophecy of old written by the Islamic prophet Ali Bin Iben Abi Talib which says that just before the coming of the Mahdi, a tall black man will rise up to take command of the West and he will command the most powerful army on earth. Knock knock Obama? Me: Obama is not the antichrist or any of these other dodgy names. and 'various clerics' have very little validity beyond their believes.

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