Saturday, 8 August 2015

Basic astrological rundown.

By the end of the day, people may be getting a little bit more self centered and aggressive (Mars Leo)

Soon, the markets and social commentary should start becoming very organised. Obviously to cover up what's happening (Jupiter Virgo). Tuesday.

This aggressiveness already outlined and force of will in a very general and indefinable sense, should give us some clarity or discussion on our collective 'future'. Tuesday.

Discussion on the relevance of psychic and scientific ideas, and perahps doomsday scenarios and how relevant or fanciful these are (mercury neptune). Wednesday.

A move forward in faith that the establishment can be taken down, perhaps with new news of scandals along with a fresh sense of anger and powerless at the totalitarianism of the establishment and mainstream media, which not everyone will be bothered by but the fanatics will. Thursday.

Oh, the pain, the pain of it all. The neoliberal metrosexuals, the weird relationships, the pain of the current scandals. Broken hearted love. 15th August.

Look, it's obviously corrupt. This is obviously corrupt and this is what is happening about it. Look it's in the Newspaper, it's here. 15th August.

Wow, the 'revolution' actually influences real every day events. Individually this new information just makes me feel 'better' or have more clarity. (19th August).

Humanity is wounded though and that is the real underlying message of this problem (19th August).

OK, you know that stock market crash, yeah, that thing that's been happening for a while and no one's really noticed. Well, try not noticing it now. Also, how can we function when the judicial system is wreaking havoc with our politics. It's all starting to feel more real now (21 August)

Not sure where we are with all this agression and these 'peace and love' ideas. Perhaps they should just maintain their own seperate boxes. (22 August)

TIme to pull togehter. Organise yourselves. Or not really like it's a big deal or unusual, just obvious really. It feels 'right' to be organised. (23rd August)

Ah, some clarity on the stock market. Yes I think we can handle our own problems. It's good some of our society took the batten and worked with it (26 Aug)

Everything is so intense, neither me or anyone else can take it. Now is the time for it to spill over to irrational behaviour or become 'inspiring'. (26 Aug).

Communicating via the media this is how we deal with the situation we are now in. (27 Aug).

Yeah, this is making real sense for our collective future (28 - Aug)

We are angry and we have to solve this but perhaps doing it directly is not best, we need to deal with the problem domestically first. (29 Aug)

Wow, that psychic stuff does actually matter. (1st September)

On the personal level it's time to sort all this heartbreak out (Mars Venus) 1st September.

Let's see how accurate this all is shall we!

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