Monday, 10 August 2015

Record on certain ET groups.

For the record I think the blue avians are fifth density. 

Blue = fifth density. Avian = As per LoO birds were used as signs.

I think that the LoO as a higher being related to us on earth, the 'everyday man' and that the negative forces that think they are so important were deliberately not related with so as not to justify the idea of them being first.

I personally think the LoO contact is hidden away and not relating to real people since if that happened, if they were to meet people and those people first would recieve a kind of 'irradiated' love. And second would have to act in accordance with their higher will and would be unable to in our environment, and haven't sought it with their own free will enough.

And with negative greeting actually meeting the LoO contact would make what happened to Don pleasant in comparison to what could happen if the teachings of the LoO contact were perverted after having met them face- to- face.

Also, if you listen to the lessons the Blue Avians teach. It's all about how to direct your 'will power', similar teaching to the Seth Material.

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