Sunday, 9 August 2015

We are living in hell (not really but you know like... metaphor)

I went out with a few friends the other day. 

What used to happen is that I was involved with my own thing and assumed everything would balance out as it should (I used to have what I believe now is a bit of a naive interpretation that everything will work out and it's all guided.)

However, now when I meet someone and am aware of their suffering it is just that... Suffering. People have multiple problems. Some have struggled to get partners and seem to be facing an abyss in that regard, some drink heavily, or gamble, or take drugs (I don't know anyone who takes drugs but I know people who go out with people who take drugs). Some, who have the distortion of not really looking at the world and being quite content, are deluged with work.

I'm getting really strong spiritual sensations that cause intense (although, the correct term in a place where such a large part of the planet is war torn and/ or in a terrible state, is: INCREDIBLY MILD), discomfort. I could only socialise a short while yesterday. 

It just seems to go on. I communicated that I have now become a 'prepper' and what some of it might mean in the grand scheme but these two couldn't hear and people do sometimes hear but often cannot. Which mostly matters to me not because I want to convert anyone but because I want to be able to communicate what I am thinking of.

So markets open tomorrow. I'll be trying to expand my volunteering and not really doing much at all. Jobsearching, repetitively. Continuing to 'prep', it is very fortunate I have some money briefly.

The internet seems to be heating up a little about this Ted Heath thing, also Ken Clarke and Lord Janner (to be trialed next week). I don't see how the markets can go up and the 'smart money' is moving into gold! (You can always rely on the fact that these people will do their best for their own survival and not be loyal to the group.) This is big because it means that the 'rich' are so worried about their own survival they are willing to screw the real power players. Since if the gold market goes up, the Western currencies start meeting their end- date.

Anyway, just a guy blogging somewhere saying: 'It's all bad but I'm here with you, hopefully it will get better, and these are the reasons that it probably will'. 

Of course I'm not the only one that is suffering. You have the migrant crisis, poverty in Greece and many other countries. It's really getting 'difficult' right about now and it is not about 'love' in the ambitious spiritual sense, it is just about survival, about 'getting- through- it.'

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