Thursday, 6 August 2015

The 'priest that worships the beast'.

(This post was partially, possibly completely, voided later in the blog. Then restated as correct.)

'Priest that worships the beast' a character in a song of mine.

Bit of a strange one coming up but what's new?

I got this idea while I was about to interview for a job. Interviewing or a job is a humourously pointless exercise for me. Many times I've been told that there are 'many other candidates' and I get a curious aggression from the interviewers, and sometimes, psychic thoughts of an unpleasant nature.

Regardless, when I was in hospital just before I left I had this incredible need to phone this girl, she was with someone and I felt who it was, as I have many times and as has been backed up in small ways by real events (I.e. two phones both engaged at the same time). For stronger real events than this though.

At the end of my hospital trip I had the realisation that in my song about 'the priest that worships the beast' it was about a 'friend' of mine who was now dating the girl. I knew this to be true then and even though I don't know specifics the energies, if not the actual relationship continues.

Also, sometimes when I talked to this friend with the knowledge of this, he would be nasty, threatening and dogmatic and I would feel very bad after a conversation with him. I feel, and this is even more crazy sounding, that the energies he gained from me kept the relationship with her going.

These conversations with him I would feel a strong symbology of what was really being said that was horrible, but I would stay on the phone. I would be able to predict ahead of time the moment the conversation was going to go from pleasant to manipulative and horrible. One specific time I hundred percent knew he was going to come up with a thought through neoliberal clause to condemn my feelings for this girl and excuse the situation as one I should not be looking at and on cue, he started telling me about how manipulative girls were from a diary entry of his.

Also, they use the same language, or did originally,

I suspect if I was to meet her again the two of them would try and set it up so there was an agreed upon lie that the two of them hadn't had a relationship and the girl had been with someone else.

Anyway, points to clear up what I am really trying to say, this guy is sixth density so the energy is far thicker. Him and me had the same problems and types of dreams with negative entities (sent him energy to stop that problem). I suspect the negative entities came through him and to me as UFO's and were present right at the beginning. In the place I was working with these two his nick name was 'the priest'. (the reference to the fact the priest was a 'layaround' was that this guy dogmatically evangelises but does no real spiritual work that effects the real world, hence in the spiritual term 'lazy'.)

I imagine the positive forces have tried extraordinarily hard to bring me these messages.

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