Friday, 7 August 2015

BF comment.

This was a comment to a Benjamin Fulford article on Hipknowsys. It reflects an anger that is close to self destructive, it is basically how I feel. I am constantly powerless, the negative forces seem to me to be all powerful at the moment and even though I am materially comfortable, my life has been draining enough for me to be a little happy if there was a change for the worst rather than for the better. I'm sick of this 'Alliance' that to me, seems to hold back the negative side only so they can torment us for longer:

Firstly, I do like the Alcuin website, it has information about cloning of leaders that I thought was interesting. Not necessarily 100% accurate but interesting nonetheless.

It seems to me the writer is as frustrated with the 'lack of arrests' or action in the real world as the rest of us and he doesn't pull the strings. I am hoping for a market crash. The reason being that after fiat currency is proven to be exactly what it is, I don't see the leaders of the Western nations recovering. It also seems that if a market crash did happen and more people start dying and this 'alliance' still sat by the sidelines and did nothing, then we would know more about them.

I can't see a mass of information that others are talking about. A few (dead) paedophiles lately, hints it is much larger, but just that hints, and a smattering of info. from the mainstream on ET's and space. Certainly nothing even remotely game changing.

How many people will die in these coming weeks 1,000 - 10,000 - 100,000 - 1,000,000 - more?

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