Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Auras, Trump, Saudi, Islam, Astrology.

Not much to say today. Things are in flux.

There is little political news, financial news or stuff from the new age.

Personally, I have decided/ realised that it seems I am somewhat stuck with auric vision. It has become a little less intense but it is not going. At some point in the morning I get a sexual impulse and I decide not to physically respond to it and the energy raises to my head and I get a kind of 'spark'. Thinking negatively about the 'ability' then brings along a threatened headache, like the migraines I used to have when I was young.

I avoid looking at people directly when I go out, which is actually easier than it sounds once you get into the habit. I saw someone looking stationary today, very still and was not sure if it was a person or a physical object but the person had an aura, so before I was sure that it even was a person I could see a clear aura

So Trump has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia now. It seems likely to me that what I said yesterday was very true and that the Western leaders are stepping on eggshells not to offend Saudi Arabia so the world doesn't spiral into war. I had begun reading the Quran in the hopes of really narrowing down my beliefs on the 'religion of peace' in a way that I can defend against those that would arrogantly state a truth, to lay down a truth which others are expected to accept at face value, without having background information. However, I do not have so much time to read since I am jobsearching on my week off and may not even have two weeks as I had booked.

The full moon is on Friday that Benjamin Fulford has mentioned as significant... The snow moon and something to do with a comet. It is an interesting full moon that could be interpreted to be significant in relation to this war with extra terrestrial links, which is shown by Uranus and Pluto. There are a lot of connections here.

Since this auric vision has spiked my stress has gone pretty high and I am having strong dreams but not sleeping so well. I have tension all over my body and strong tiredness, and things to do.

I have to remember that looking for a job is a job in itself!

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