Monday, 13 February 2017

Elections, Christ, Qu'ran, and general things.


Things are just feeling a bit weird lately.

I think I'm going to count the coming votes and other events, and where relevant 'days until':

February 23rd: Stoke by election: 10 days. The Thursday after the coming week.
March 15th: Dutch election with Geert Wilders high in the polls. 30 days. A Wednesday
March 9th or March 31st... Day when Theresa Mays government is meant to trigger Article 50 and begin negotiations for exit from the European Union.
23rd of April or 7th of May: French Elections with Marine Le Pen likely to do well.  69 days or 83 days.
24th September: German Election. Merkel very likely finished: 223 days.

In between movement on either Greece, leading to a potential stock market crash, or elections in Italy: Leading to a large country leaving the Euro.

So, in my view, this is our hope.

Crisis of Faith:

Personally, although it is not a big deal, things have "added up" to be coincidentally a bit difficult although with some very good elements. It does make me wonder if there is some element at play here, seeing as I will need a lot of my resources to get onto the next thing without re- visiting a toxic past, and with the way these coincidental events have effected other people it makes me wonder.

I count myself as something called a 'mystical Christian'. I have a close feeling relation to the Christ spirit, even feeling that it is with me at all times, and protecting me, but I do not subscribe to some of the mainstream interpretations of Christianity.

The Bible is a beautiful book, it is full of rich symbology, stories and wisdom. Although I have not read it a great deal I can quite it a bit, and when reading a book by one of my spiritual inspirations... David Wilcock, he mentioned he read books from within the bible and I felt a longing.

With this sense of struggle I am feeling this emptiness inside like I am struggling to stay in contact with the Christ spirit. At the same time I am finally taking a bit of time off without any stresses that interfere with this time. My time off in the last year has either been recovering from having worked hard or having been ill from a nasty cold I had.

So it is time to reconnect a little if I can stay in this phase of rest and not get sucked into anything. I have a long reading list, six books although two are definitely at the END of my reading list because I consider them less relevant.  One of the important books I am reading, and that it feels good to read is the Quran. And this is not because I think the Quran is at all inspiring but I believe, strongly, that the Western world is having increased conflict with the Muslim world and having an informed view of Islam is important for my future. If Geert Wilders, the man that wants to ban the Quran is elected, my educated viewpoint, may become very relevant to calm other people and give them the option of not jumping to conclusions.

So far my reading of the Quran has not been as positive as my understanding of the bible. But things can change. I think most likely the Quran is a barbaric book but I do note when there are passages that do not conform to that idea (I am taking notes!)

Other things:

I have other things and other ideas going on. I am also reading 'The Ascension Mysteries' by David Wilcock which is, as expected, very enlightening and even though I have been processing a lot of information as in my last post, there is yet additional information that I want to talk about and that I will be absorbing (I am usually empty of information by the time I absorb Gaia and Fulford for the week); so, this is good and might lead in a good direction.

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