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Astrology. Next New Moon November 11th.

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This moon cycle is REALLY dragging on. I'm doing two things at the moment. Trying to do my jobsearch and having this information exploding out of me. So here we go!:

The last one, as summarised recently had its energy set with Uranus opposite the new moon. First I will summarise Corey and Davids info... That the alliance against the cabal is trying to hammer out an agreement and the Chinese specifically do not want any real disclosure but want some sort of 'controlled' disclosure.

Which is patently ridiculous. It cannot happen like this it will snowball completely no matter how slow they try to make it. And the energy of the human race is wound and ready for revolution. So they'll have to apply some pretty stringent tyranny to keep themselves from being overthrown if they're keeping things secret and having a natural injustice surviving because of that (i.e. victims of paedophilia for instance kept back because of its satanic nature'.

Also, who assumes the Blue Avians, the REAL power will go along with this? They are having to keep energies out of our planet that will evolve us with some pretty powerful shields. They don't work for the Chinese! They will push the society so it can handle these energies and will scheme at a level no one on earth can comprehend to make this happen.

So down to astrology (the reason I summarized those things was that astrology simply explains a lot of the time what's normal and real. So it will likely come up in my theorising):

November 11th:

The new moon at 18 deg Scorpio trine Chiron at 17 deg Pisces and sextile Jupiter at 18deg Virgo.

Not a nice few aspects. Chiron is a deep wound that just will not heal, very like the myth. It often shows up today in relation to the corruption of the mainstream media, and most specifically to Russia it seems to me. Being lied to by MSM is a very strong feeling here and the soul knows these things.

The aspect to new moon is also inconjunct Uranus in Aries. (Which further creates a special aspect with Jupiter that shows that Uranus will take centre stage in this cycle if things all go well. The moon cycle will be 'secondary'.)

With Jupiter Sextile this creates a sense of happiness and passion but simply rawness when this can't be expressed. This sounds stressful although I get the intuition it will not be stressful in this new moon. Something 'in the society' has 'given up' and it's all kind of flowing in some way.

Pluto MillionMaskMarch

Today, at the MillionMaskMarch. The sun will be exactly Sextile Pluto. I see this as interesting because with such an exact aspect it hints at the relevance of this march IMO. Anonymous is quite a Plutonian meme. But also a Uranian meme. More Plutonian. It is a dark anger that is solid but has not direction. Somewhat unlike Uranus actually. But like Uranus it seems to be acting with a higher purpose one cannot quite pinpoint.

Back to transits

And on November 11th, on the day itself we could be feeling quite an aggression surrounding our future and our destination as a species (that's an interesting pronouncement considering current events)

Saturn tucked in the corner there tells me that despite the information I follow most of the time, not a lot will be happening in the markets on November 11th. I would look at when the Sun comes close to and crosses Saturn for action there, It comes within distance November 22nd and is exact (exact seems to matter atm) on November 30th.

Thus there is a difference here between common sense, where the markets surely cannot last that much longer, and the stars, which would push any economic events a few weeks further on.

But then I look at the stars. Not only is Saturn travelling fast in this period. Going 2 degrees in this time. But it squares Neptune, and Neptune, even when you say or think of Neptune, it doesn't even need to transit. Neptune always adds a level of impenetrable 'weirdness'.

I have sun bi- quintile Neptune lol!

These events will be at the closing square (Sun Saturn exact conjunct square Neptune). So it may feel like things eclipse and during the drag the market kind of dies!

More on the moon!:

Not much is happening on the full moon apparently. Uranus is retrograde so maybe more 'internals' in relation to the sciency and revolution side of things is in order, or is happening! Although, the full moon could see loud proclamations of the state of the markets. Saturn in Sagittarius is particularly 'market like' reality! Pluto in Sagittarius was the lead up to 2008. And hosted the Iraq war and a lot of crazy excess! Now Saturn is there reigning it in!

So loud proclamations of Saturn related things on November 24th (After the beginning of this influence for those aware was November 22nd). So chat about market problems that only grow stronger culminating on November 30th in intensity; and the whole thing happening under and impenetrable fog.

I LOVE NEPTUNE. If I was a superhero, FOG would be one of my powers!

The close and the new Square on December 11th looks like a time of extreme conflict!


So there you go!

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