Sunday, 1 November 2015

Comment on geopolitics surrounding Turkish vote.

If anyone is familiar with Martin Armstrong (whom is apparently referenced in MSM every so often), according to his model, government 'tyranny' as an energy peaked at the end of September, and now we are on the way down where government loses control. I ran this model through the French revolution and it is the beginning of a period that lead to Louis XVI being decapitated!
Also, we have seen in many ways how government tyranny is no longer succeeding consider:
America's 'illegal' bombing of ISIS and funding of 'moderate' terrorists (like Al Qaeda) in Syria seems to be meeting with very little success.
Poland and Portugal and the EU. Slovenia, Sweden, and Germany with the refugee crisis. (Beginning of 'Brexit' as well)
The house of Lords, after the tax credit rebellion is now possibly to rebel on police snooping powers and Right to buy in rural areas.
I'm hoping, unlike the Israeli election, this election will be the end of Erdogan for SOME REASON. And the alliance of Saudi Arabia (approaching bankruptcy and revolution), Israel, Qatar the US and... in contention Turkey. Will lose out against Russia, Iran, Syria and possibly Iraq (with China in the background.)
UK seems to not be sure of what side their on. Allying with China over the US (China and US sworn enemies).
Anyway, take home point, the 'energy' IMO is not in favour of Erdogan anymore. And the end of Erdogan will speed the demise of ISIS and the Saudi Arabia - Qatar - Israel - ISIS and US axis

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